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Cloudflash Mix 197 - Earth Hour (hidden extra)
I think it was last year, I was talking to Atanamir and somehow he ended up saying something like "it'd be funny if someone used double the energy before Earth Hour", then I marked it down as a potential comic idea. I forgot to make this comic last week, so I was too late to have the comic be like that, plus I didn't really have the panels/dialogue/delivery in mind yet, anyway. I thought about it a bit and was considering making it like the sloppy thing below, but I wanted to make it simpler, so I changed it to what it is now... It was originally gonna be two panels, but then I was all like "screw it, there's no point in having a second panel just for a zoom in the guy's face with his response". Not that any of this matters much, but I sorta recalled my original intent with these hidden pages was to show alternate versions of the comics when I had different stuff in mind.