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Legend of the Final World Quest is a webcomic series by Danny Poloskei.
Legend of the Final world Quest is set in the distant future of an alternate universe. The world also follows some sort of medieval fantasy theme where there are kings, swords, spells, and monsters. The story tells of a hero named Morose who sets out on a quest to save the world along with Butch and other allies.
This series was updated every Saturday, but is currently on hiatus (as of November 14, 2009).

Legend of the Final World Quest 19 - "Recovery"
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Legend of the Final World Quest - Recovery - by Danny Poloskei
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Crossing The Gate to Hell
New Mission
Butch's Objection
Third Member
Explanation for Grant
The Genius, Grant Knight
Hard Magic and Soft Magic
Grant Knight
Acid of Melting
A New Foe?!
Mission Complete
Ogre's End
Cruel Blizzard
A Threat Once More
Butch, the Thief
Stop Status
Bladed Gloves! Morose in a Pinch?!
Cave of Hastiness
First Victory
Fighting the Slimes
First Encounter
Our Quest
The King
Selecting a Hero
The Beginning of a Quest