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Our Precious Song is a manga style one shot by Danny Poloskei.

Our Precious Song
Our Precious Song - by Danny Poloskei

Our Precious Song is a manga style one shot by Danny Poloskei. This was added on May 13, 2010.

This is my first time making a romance story. I gave it a Japanese title, "Bokutachi no Taisetsu na Uta" (Our Precious Song) for the hell of it. I started writing the story on March 31st and finished writing it soon after. I started drawing a rough copy in mid-April and continued doing so casually until I realized how short on time I was... It had already become May without the rough copy getting done, and I set May 13th as a deadline. Throughout those 13 days of May, I did my best with almost all of my free time (and a couple of skipped work days) to finish up the last 10 pages of the rough copy, compose and write lyrics for the song in the story, and do the full good copy.

So, here it is. I tried to exaggerate the poses and expressions and such at the climax to make it more interesting... I think it makes it kinda funny. I tried to avoid using solid greys... just black and white for the most part. There were some places I couldn't help but use grey to make a black line look thinner or to make the jeans not look like an eyesore. This is also my first time drawing couples, really. I tried to make it to the best of my abilities, though some of the backgrounds are lacking... Despite spending 4 to 12 hours a day on it for nearly 2 weeks, meeting my deadline was harder than I thought, but I did it!

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