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Dungeon in the Cloudsby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: Contains violence and very mild language
Suitable for ages 10+Supports 1-2 players
Genre: Action/puzzleon Cloudflash since December/30/2009
File size: 2,290 KB
Artist's Comments:
Kazushi is a character I designed years ago... His old story was scrapped. This is a part of his new story. It also coincides with Taun Bu's story a bit. It took me around a day or two longer than I expected to finish since I needed to add more drawings, sound effects, and music. Luckily, it didn't take too long to find some decent songs in the Newgrounds Audio Portal, and it didn't take me too long to create the sound effects. This project took over three 2L cartons of eggnog to complete.
Anyhow, this group was apparently keeping an eye on Kazushi and they managed to capture him. You'll have to wait until my art gets better and I finish writing Kazushi's story, then I intend to release most of his story in a comic/manga format (with some parts maybe being done in Flash projects like this).
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