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Escapeby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: Contains a swear and mild violence
Suitable for ages 14+Supports 1 player
Genre: Action/puzzleon Cloudflash since July/18/2005
Score: 6.9/10File size: 851 KB
Artist's Comments:
The first thing in Flash I made which I'd actually consider a 'game' and not just a bunch of buttons! Escape is a 20 level game involving baddies, keys/doors, and more! Now with a music on/off option! And it would seem that when exported from Flash 8, the file size dramatically dropped! Well, good luck beating this game; it's near impossible >:]

UPDATE (May 23, 2010): I removed the copyrighted music from the game and replaced it with Sneaky Thief Loop by Robby Paul from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. I fixed up some issues with the music toggler, too. While I was at it, I took some time to fix the game up a little bit... I made the spotlights more accurate, so you won't get wrongfully busted as much. I also added a checkpoint at the tenth room, so you won't have to start over from the very beginning if you can make it that far. This game's coding is really horrible, so it was a hassle to add even that one checkpoint... I won't bother adding more checkpoints, so this game is still very hard. However, I added one very useful cheat - a level skip. Simply press the Esc key and you'll go straight to the next level!
I wanted to leave this game as it was the day I made it, be able to look back on how I did things in 2005 and all that sort. It seems there are still people playing it occasionally on Newgrounds to this day, though, only to complain about how hard it is. I also wanted to remove the copyrighted music for quite a while. Anyhow, you can find the original version (with the music removed) here.
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