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Meteolifeby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: Contains blood, suggestive themes, and violence
Suitable for ages 14+Supports 1 player
Genre: Adventure/RPGon Cloudflash since May/29/2006
Score: 8.8/10File size: 1,115 KB
Artist's Comments:
Meteolife took one full year and 2 days to finish. For most of that time, I wasn't working on it, but it still took that long... sorta... Anyhow, Meteolife is sort of similar to 'Stick RPG'. Use the arrow keys to move, get your stats up, get money, buy stuff. Meteolife has a pretty big map, lots of buildings and different places to get employed, items, and more! Just keep in mind that if you delete your Cookies, you will be deleting your saved file. Well, enjoy the game!
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