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Supernatural Fightersby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: Contains violence
Suitable for ages 10+Supports 2 players
Genre: Fightingon Cloudflash since October/28/2005
Score: 8.2/10File size: 2,247 KB
Artist's Comments:
My very first fighting game! Well, most of the games I've been making are my first attempt at the genre... For Supernatural Fighters (formerly known as StickFighter), you will need two players; you cannot play with just one player. Also, when attacking, you have to hold the certain attack key down (usually for less than a second, unless a 'special' attack). Choose from six fighters and try to beat your opponent!

UPDATE (May 24, 2010): I removed the copyrighted music from the game and replaced it with stuff from the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Credits for song names and musicians included in the game; you can click those to open a new window that'll take you to their music in the Newgrounds Audio Portal. Nothing else is different; the game is still as crappy as you used to know.
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