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The Copy Ninja's Returnby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: Contains some blood, violence, and mildly improper lingo
Suitable for ages 14+
Genre: Anime parodyon Cloudflash since August/18/2010
File size: 8,719 KB
Artist's Comments:
This thing took way too long to complete. Copy Ninja vs. Copyright was fairly well received, plus I was a newb who wanted to make sequels for all my work without even having a clue what the sequel would be about, so I decided to make this sequel. A few months after finishing the first movie, I started writing the script for the second. In May 2007, I posted about it at the Voice Acting Club and got some nice voices for three roles from Rina-chan. No one else was really in a rush to get lines in, and I apparently wasn't in a rush to do the animation. Good thing, 'cause my art was quite bad back then. I picked up and dropped the project a few times, the biggest drop in March 2008. I redid most of my bad artwork in early 2010 and got crackin' on what hadn't been done... at my usual casual pace. Half a year later, it's finally done. I got lazy at times and started to hate the project, but I later tried to make it worthwhile by going the extra mile with the credits, preloader, and holding back on my recycling.
Flash gave me a hard time with the syncing... I tried to sync the sounds as well as I could despite that, but some of them aren't as precise as I'd like. With a runtime of 6 minutes and 44 seconds (excluding credits), it's my longest movie to date. Happy Cloudflash Day!
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