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Danno's Rushby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: Contains violence
Suitable for ages 10+
Genre: Action/Synchronization/Comedyon Cloudflash since December/15/2008
Score: 10.0/10File size: 2,845 KB
Artist's Comments:
I first began the project on July 25, 2008. I had just finished re-watching the anime "Cowboy Bebop"; the smooth animation, amazing fight scenes, and lively music inspired me. So, I took my favourite song and made this movie... I tried to make the movie sort of match the song like I did with my "Kung Fu" sprite movie. There are some anime references within this movie that most people probably won't notice due to the fact that they're only shown for split seconds... There was a lot of intense frame-by-frame involved. This is without a doubt my best movie to date.
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