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Incidentsby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: Contains blood and violence
Suitable for ages 10+
Genre: Stick shortson Cloudflash since December/14/2005
Score: 7.7/10File size: 802 KB
Artist's Comments:
Danny: I made most of the shorts in this, it was originally just going to be my shorts, but I didn't have enough done, so I got help from others, making this a collab.
Naomi: I was the first one to help with this :-)
Greeley: I joined for some frame by frame practice. I hope you guys like my one entry!
Skutieos: I joined pretty much because I had nothing better to do, but it was alot of fun making my incedints. I hadn't animated in a while at the time anyway so it was really fun to do this. Hope you like my incidents.
Pyre: ...
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