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The KiKi & CoCo Showby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: none
Suitable for all ages
Genre: Fan Flashon Cloudflash since May/24/2008
Score: 7.3/10File size: 1,076 KB
Artist's Comments:
On Gaia Online, they have a couple of items called the "KiKi Kitty Plushie" and "CoCo Kitty Plushie". Their item descriptions say that the items are based on some kind of fictional morning cartoon in the world of Gaia. Anyhow, I was going on Gaia a lot, and I ended up deciding I'd make an actual cartoon based on the KiKi kitty and its mischievous cousin, the CoCo kitty. I made this within two days, so it's not exactly spectacular; just a silly little cartoon based on the two kitties (i.e. what I assumed the fictional cartoon would be like).
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