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Zelda Fan: A Link to My Pastby Danny Poloskei
Warnings: None
Suitable for all ages
Genre: Reminiscingon Cloudflash since April/03/2016
File size: 7,940 KB
Artist's Comments:
There was a contest in Canada where you had to try and prove you were the #1 Zelda fan in the country. The rules stated that you could submit whatever you want, be it a photo, drawing, video, or anything else. The rules also declared that showing off your collection or Zelda merchandise wouldn't improve your chances of winning and that entries would be judged based on creativity, enthusiasm, and originality. There was a ton of entries where people would just show off their collection or a cosplay photo without any explanation as to what Zelda meant to them. So, I thought my chances would be pretty good if I made a lightly animated video talking about how Zelda games have been with me throughout my life. Unfortunately, I didn't rank in the top 3 entries, so I didn't win anything. It was worth a shot, though.