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Jake First appearance: The Rakers episode 1 (April/13/2005)

[+]The Rakers 1 to 3 - main character
[+]Raker Escaper - main character
[+]Cloudflash Christmas '06 wallpaper
[+]Cloudflash Christmas '07 wallpaper
[+]Cloudflash Mix #29: Anniversary

-Usually just falls asleep as soon as he's exhausted.
-Careless, destructive.

Danno First appearance: 2005 update avatars (May/27/2005)

[+]2005-2009 update avatars
[+]Cloudflash Christmas '07 wallpaper
[+]Cloudflash Mix #21: Icecream Cone
[+]Cloudflash Mix #29: Anniversary
[+]Danno's Rush - main character
[+]Cloudflash Mix #53: Bad Spaghetti
[+]Cloudflash Mix #61: Poloskei
[+]Cloudflash Mix #71: BC
[+]Cloudflash Mix #98: Not Impressed
[+]Cloudflash Mix #101: Danno
[+]Cloudflash Mix #110: Canada Day
[+]Cloudflash Mix #119: Hungarian
[+]Cloudflash Mix #120: The Melancholy of Danny Poloskei 2: Endless Eight
[+]Cloud City Ransom wallpaper (2009)
[+]Cloudflash Mix #125: 5th Anniversary Contest Winner
[+]Cloudflash Mix #128: Out of Reach
[+]Cloudflash Mix #131: Lack of Motivation
[+]Cloudflash Mix #132: Hiatus
[+]Cloudflash Mix #134: Saskatchewan Citizen
[+]Cloudflash Mix #151: Straw Hat
[+]Cloudflash Mix #156: Invisible Ink (as communist propaganda)
[+]The Copy Ninja's Return - cameo
[+]Cloudflash Mix #162: Sixth Year
[+]Cloudflash Mix #166: Dungeon Fighter Online (part 1)
[+]Cloudflash Mix #167: Dungeon Fighter Online (part 2)
[+]Cloudflash Mix #171: Daylight Savings
[+]Cloudflash Mix #179: Recharge (as a robot)
[+]Cloudflash Mix #181: Forgetting Ideas
[+]Cloudflash Mix #188: Disadvantages to Being Named Daniel
[+]Cloudflash Mix #192: Wraps vs Sandwiches
[+]Cloudflash Mix #200: Genius
[+]Cloudflash Mix #205: Corny
[+]Cloudflash Mix #208: Fully Prepared
[+]Cloudflash Mix #219: Sprained Wrist

-Represents Danny Poloskei.
-Has made many cameos in old (removed) content and unfinished projects and still makes frequent cameos to this day.
-Lazy, sort of an artist, does what needs to be done when it needs to be done, Canadian.

Taun Bu
Taun Bu First appearance: Supernatural Fighters (October/28/2005)

[+]Supernatural Fighters - playable character
[+]Cloudflash Christmas '07 wallpaper
[+]Supernatural Fighters 2 - playable character
[+]Cloudflash Mix #29: Anniversary
[+]Cloudflash Mix #120: The Melancholy of Danny Poloskei 2: Endless Eight
[+]Cloudflash Mix #132: Hiatus
[+]Dungeon in the Clouds - main character (player 1)
[+]The Copy Ninja's Return - cameo
[+]Cloudflash Mix #162: Sixth Year
[+]Cloudflash Mix #176: Caution! Wet Floor
[+]El Cacto chapter 2 - just a vague cameo
[+]Cloudflash Mix #189: Disabilities - another vague cameo!
[+]An Improved Society: Chocolate Cake - always with the cameos
[+]Cloudflash Mix #208: Fully Prepared

-He's pretty much an idiot.
-Enjoys a good fight, but tries to avoid killing.
-Defends those in need.

Kazushi First appearance: "Under Construction" notice (March/26/2006)

[+]"Cloudflash is under construction" 2006
[+]2006 update avatars
[+]"Cloudflash is moving" 2007
[+]Cloudflash Mix #29: Anniversary
[+]Dungeon in the Clouds - main character (player 2)
[+]Cloudflash Mix #162: Sixth Year
[+]Cloudflash Mix #208: Fully Prepared

-Was the main character of an unfinished and unreleased comic series; the project was scrapped, but he was kept.
-Good at solving puzzles.
-Often resorts to killing.

C. Rookter
C. Rookter First appearance: An Improved Society #1 (June/25/2006)

[+]An Improved Society - main character
[+]Cloudflash Mix #88: Problem
[+]Cloudflash Mix #118: Preventing Accidents
[+]Cloudflash Mix #172: FOILED AGAIN - as his superhero persona
[+]Cloudflash Mix #185: Beneath the Ladder
[+]An Improved Society: Chocolate Cake - main character
[+]Cloudflash Mix #196: The Amazing Ant-Man
[+]Cloudflash Mix #200: Genius
[+]Cloudflash Mix #208: Fully Prepared
[+]Cloudflash Mix #210: End of Obligation
[+]An Improved Society: Man's Best Friend - main character
[+]An Improved Society: Society at Large - main character

-"An Improved Society" was probably made during the month of May 2006... The exact date is unknown since I made them at my high school and didn't sign the date until later comics.
-C. Rookter is loosely based on a friend of mine, Corey Ruecker. C. Rookter's appearance was based heavily on Corey's on the day I started the series; green jeans, striped shirt, blond hair parted at the side, and black shoes.
-C. Rookter is often immature, illogical, self-centered, easily offended, a bit emo, and just an overall jerk; this is a very heavy exaggeration of Corey's personality. Please note that Corey Ruecker is actually a nice guy and that I mean no real offense to him with this character.

Morose Brocarte
Morose Brocarte First appearance: Cloudflash Mix 38: The Beginning of a Quest (October/03/2008)

[+]Cloudflash Mix #38: The Beginning of a Quest
[+]Cloudflash Mix #43: Equipment
[+]Cloudflash Mix #46: Selecting a Hero
[+]Cloudflash Mix #66: Name
[+]Cloudflash Mix #80: Butch
[+]Cloudflash Mix #90: First Encounter
[!]The RPG subseries that Morose stars in was separated from Cloudflash Mix at C-Mix #90. As the main character, he appears in most of the "Legend of the Final World Quest" comics. Links and titles for the specific comics Morose appears in will not be included on this page.
[+]Legend of the Final World Quest - main character
[+]Cloudflash Mix #159: Mugging An Old Lady (on a poster)
[+]The Copy Ninja's Return - cameo
[+]Cloudflash Mix #162: Sixth Year
[+]Cloudflash Mix #208: Fully Prepared

-He originally appeared in Cloudflash Mix as a "generic RPG character" who was planned to appear in comics with RPG-related jokes.
-His design is heavily inspired by various Final Fantasy characters, including Cloud Strife, Cecil Harvey, Squall Leonhart, and Tidus.
-Morose can be chivalrous, powerful, and kind, but also self-centered and obsessed with his appearance.
-His sword is so large that the end of it is never shown.