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Fantastic Plastic Machine lyrics
Beautiful Days | Can't You Feel It? | Don't You Know? | GRAND MASTER FRESH pt.2 | I'm Still A Simple Man | Love Is Psychedelic | Reaching for the Stars | Spectacular

Sound Concierge lyrics
Asa no Hikari | Morning Spring

This page was added on December 13, 2009.


Tanaka Tomoyuki, also known as Fantastic Plastic Machine (or FPM for short), is a Japanese musician and DJ. He makes house/Shibuya-kei music and has other people do the singing. The lyrics tend to be in English. I dunno if he does any of the singing himself in any of his songs, and I'm not 100% on which lyrics he writes and which ones he doesn't... or which lyrics he has help writing. I'll just assume it's all his work... If you want to know more about FPM, go to his official website, check Wikipedia, or check whatever sites you consider to be reputable sources.

The lyrics on the pages below belong to FPM and/or the other artists he works with. I just have them here because it seems to be hard to find them on other sites... It seems like the only sites that have Fantastic Plastic Machine lyrics are Korean and/or they have errors, and that won't do at all!

Fantastic Plastic Machine lyrics

Beautiful Days lyrics
Can't You Feel It? lyrics
Don't You Know?
I'm Still A Simple Man lyrics
Love Is Psychedelic lyrics
Reaching for the Stars lyrics
Spectacular lyrics

Sound Concierge lyrics

Kuchiroro - Asa no Hikari lyrics
The Copeland Davis Group - Morning Spring lyrics