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Cloudflash forum - your #1 source for nothing - Terms of use

By joining (which shall also be referred to as “Cloudflash” or “Danny Poloskei's Cloudflash”), you agree to play by our rules. This is not a legally binding contract, but you'll be expected to follow North American laws, international laws, and whatever laws apply to your own country as you normally should. By being a member, you are expected at all times to be up-to-date with our rules, which are subject to change, even without proper notice. The full rules are located here. The following is a brief summary of the rules for your convenience, though you should still read the actual rules.

1. No trolling/defaming.
2. No spamming (repeatedly posting worthless messages), posting questionable links, or pagestretching.
3. No posting unsolicited offers or signing up for the sole purpose of advertising.
4. No necroposting (under most circumstances).
5. No posting links to illegal content (e.g. streaming anime, MP3s, etc.).
6. No impersonating other members.
7. No X-rated, disturbing, or shocking images/flash are allowed. 4chan/internet memes may or may not get you banned.
8. No X-rated, disturbing, or shocking attachments are allowed.
9. No erotic/questionable avatars are allowed.

Any information you submit to Cloudflash is entirely optional and you are entirely responsible for what you post, be it your real name, your age, your favourite food, or anything else. Cloudflash won't accept any responsibility if there are legal disputes over the thing(s) you post - you're on your own. phpBB will also accept no responsibility; they only created this forum software and do not moderate or have any involvement with Cloudflash. For more information, please view our Privacy Policy.

The forum has a very sensitive curse filter by default. If you wish to disable it, go to your user control panel after signing up and go to board preferences > display options. Choosing to bypass the filter instead is against the rules.

Note that your account will probably be deleted within a day or two of registration if you don't make one post. Simply make one post and you'll be in the clear.

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