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 Post subject: Pellet/BB Guns and Slingshots/Wristrockets
PostPosted: November 8th, 2017, 12:54 pm 

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Well I'm all grown up and I've been shooting my "real" guns exclusively for 5 years or more now. But the other day my old Daisy Powerline 880 caught my eye in the closet. Picked it up, dusted it off, found an old box of pellets and gave it a go. Heck if it isn't just one of the most fun things to plink around with. Set up some soda cans at about 70 yards and opened up streaming geysers of rootbeer. Blew open some bad fruit and vegetables from this years harvest. And even just trying to hit targets is a lot of fun.

I remember when I was 10 years old, I was so excited to get a pellet gun. My mom never wanted me to have one, dad gave it to me in secret. Took it with me every time we went into the mountains.

I remember using BB Guns and Slingshots at boyscout camps too. I was always a terrible shot, couldn't understand why all the other kids were hitting better than me. I thought I was following all the same rules and techniques for shooting.

Later in life as I became old enough to handle "real" firearms, I learned I'm cross eye dominate. I was always taught by shooting instructors to shoot the rifle based on being left handed or right handed. And obviously with a rifle, the eye you use is the side of your body the rifle is supported with. I'm right handed, and always shot right handed. Even without an instructor saying so, I'd have done this naturally since it feels the most natural. Well along with hands the body also has a favored dominate eye, that the brain uses for most reference image. The brain naturally converts the 2 images into 1 and you're so used to it you never notice until you close an eye. Well about 60-70% of the image you get from your eyes is coming from the dominate eye, with the other percent being filled in with the non dominate eye. I've discovered while being right handed, my left eye is very dominate. When I alternate between closing and opening my left and right eye, The left eye contains far more accurate information and more closely resembles the image I receive from both eyes being open. The natural progression of learning such a thing, is to switch to left handed shooting and relearn how to shoot all over again. Now I'd say I'm a pretty decent shot from all the practice.

For fun, if you want to see which of your eyes is the dominate eye. Close both your eyes for a few seconds, then open them both for a few seconds, extend your arm out and position your hand straight in front of your face, (middle of your face) point to an object a reasonable distance away from you (5-7 yards would be reasonable I think) point so that your finger is covering the said object. Now close one eye, then open it and close the other eye, alternate as many times as needed. Now which eye showed your finger closest to covering up the object? That's your dominate eye. My left eye shows my finger just a tiny bit right of my chosen object, my right eye shows my finger very far left of the object. Now after looking at where your hand is placed with a reference point like the chosen object at distance, if you try hard enough you can try to look at both images at the same time. You'll see double fingers, one looks like a ghost shadow finger, and the other a more clear finger. (the double images effect often happens when you're laying down on your face and look at something, one of your eyes being squished gives a much different image. The brain then chooses to display the eye with the most undistorted image, But you still get the double effect as the ghost image makes it's way into your view as well) As you try to use both eyes to display both fingers in the different positions they appear in each eye, You'll know the dominate eye is the clear and focused finger. The non dominate eye is the ghosty finger. Again open and close each eye to determine which eye is showing the better more clear image of your finger, that's the dominate eye. The brain still receives images from both eyes, but it will take most of the information from the dominate eye when it combines the images. It's truly amazing how the eyes and brain work that way, so much is done subconsciously.

Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else in the forum has had experiences with any of these aforementioned projectile launchers?

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 Post subject: Re: Pellet/BB Guns and Slingshots/Wristrockets
PostPosted: November 8th, 2017, 3:57 pm 
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Realizing realizations
Realizing realizations

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i think i once used a bb gun on fallout

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