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 Post subject: Instructions for submitting content
PostPosted: September 9th, 2008, 11:40 pm 
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1. The maximum file size (zipped or unzipped) is 8 MB. No exceptions. The maximum width for movies/games/comics is 700 pixels. There are no height restrictions, but you should keep it within 700 pixels for movies/games.
2. The content you submit must be your work. If the content was a collaborative effort, make sure the other creator(s) are fine with submitting it.
3. zebras/clear submissions will not be accepted. However, drawn/animated nudity/baseball/etc. is fine if it fits into the storyline or is for humour, though such things should not be too graphic.
4. Submissions may not interact with the user's computer in undesirable ways or include spyware/viruses. This includes, but is not limited to, automatically spawning windows/pop-ups, automatically printing documents, and draining the user's computer's memory usage.
5. If there is something in your movie that you did not create, please give credit to whoever did create it.
6. Please add a preloader if your game/movie is over 1 MB.

By submitting your content, you acknowledge that you have read these rules and that you accept them.

Submissions may be rejected if their quality does not meet our standards or if they are found to be too offensive.

You will be credited on the site by your forum username unless you request otherwise. You may include a 70x70 image to represent your comic (series), movie, or game. If you do not include one, I will create one (i.e. take a screenshot and resize it).

Copy the following and fill it out in a new topic in this section. Be sure to attach your submission.
For Flash movies/games:
Brief description:
Your comments:

Note: Please give credit to yourself (and to whoever else may deserve credit) within your movie/game.

For comics:
Name of series:
Title of individual comic:
Description of series*:
Update frequency**:

*This information is only needed for the first submission of the series.
**If you plan to submit new comics on a schedule/pattern, please specify that date (e.g. "every second Friday"). If you don't specify the pattern, it will be considered "updated at random". If you don't submit a new comic for a long period of time, it will be considered "inactive".
Note: Please put your name, the date of creation, the series name, and the comic title on all of your comics. Please make sure your comic does not contain transparency (unless it's on the outsides).

For downloadable items:
What it's for*:

*E.g. for your computer (general), Nintendo DS, PSP, mp3 player, etc. If it is only compatible with certain hardware/software or if you have only tested it with certain hardware/software, please say so.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, gtfo.  [ 1 post ] 

All times are UTC - 6 hours

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