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More Comic Updates

Post by Danno »

I've been updating more old Cloudflash Mix comics. There was a time I cranked out 3 new comics per week; quite a few (C-Mix #34 through #58!) were drawn on my Nintendo DS during lunch breaks at work. I was lazy at times, recycling entire panels or not drawing backgrounds. As I improved over the years, some of my weaker comics became a bit of an embarrassment. Still, I felt some obligation to leave the comics as they were, perhaps to preserve the comics origins and my growth? Anyway, to hell with that. If I have the time and energy, I figure I might as well clean'em up to make Cloudflash Mix a better webcomic as a whole. There's no point leaving the really bad comics as they are if they don't provide the entertainment value they're intended to. I have the ability to make these comics more enjoyable through better art, writing/speech bubble placement, paneling, etc., so I might as well update them as I see fit!

Generally speaking, I'm fairly satisfied with how the comics beyond #100 look, especially after all these edits. There are at least 10 more pre-#100 comics I intend to edit. Anyway, here's a list smaller of changes lately:

#95 Giant Woman - Improved the backgrounds and shading a little more (I already revised this in July).
#105 Strong Man - Redrew female character in panel 1 (she was very flat and awkward looking), adjusted/added small details to other characters, added minor background details, redid speech bubbles, removed weeby nose bleed.
#111 Farewell - Added shading, fixed character's eyes in panel 2 (they were way off level!), fixed character's head shape in panel 3, other minor adjustments.
#112 Equivalent Exchange - Improved shading, added minor background details, fixed character head shapes in last panel.
#127 Punch Buggy - Added black & white shading to make it more readable. It was kinda tough to distinguish things when everything was just solid white.
#248 The Art of Lifeguarding - I forgot to fill in part of the lifeguard's trunks white. Oops!


And here are some bigger changes! In some cases, I reused some of the original art, but I consider these to be remakes:

#39 Joke - No longer recycles the same art for all 4 panels. Remade to convey the joke better, new text added.
#70 Bridge - Added details and depth to characters in panel 1 and 2, remade character in panel 3, reshaded everything, remade backgrounds (I can't believe the bridges were completely flat before, you couldn't even tell it was a bridge!).
#74 Link's Uncle: Master Swordsman - Remade all characters and revised backgrounds.
#85 Graffiti - Remade everything, split text into 2 speech bubbles to make the wall of text more readable. The graffiti was originally just a regular font with minor effects added - how shameful!


Well, that's all I have for now. I'll post a new C-Mix (#297) tomorrow.
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