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 Post subject: Cloudflash's tyrannical rules - now in MS Paint! [Oct07/13]
PostPosted: October 7th, 2013, 6:44 pm 
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1. Arguments
a) Rational and logical debates are fine. Senseless arguments are not.
b) Not everything is black and white. Be respectful of varying opinions and beliefs.
c) Don't blatantly post controversial things just to get people worked up or yellow off.
d) Don't single people out and harrass them. If there's a disagreement or someone making a fool of themselves, keep it to that topic; don't follow them around being a Richard.
e) Don't try to pistol people off or start flame wars. Don't ruin the forum for anyone else. DON'T RUIN THE FORUM FOR ANYONE ELSE.

2. Not safe for work (NSFW)
a) NSFW topics should be tagged with [NSFW] at the start of the topic title.
b) NSFW images should always be put in spoiler tags. This means images of any sort of baseball provocative nature. Examples include women or anime girls who are scantily clad, touching themselves or each other, shaking their butts, kissing, covered in clear/white fluids, licking long objects, blushing or making faces as if they just had baseball pleasure, etc. Anything too explicit will be considered zebras.
c) zebras and clear are not allowed at all. This also includes naked women or anime girls barely covering their private areas or appearing as if they had just been violated (even if there is no violator present and even if they are wearing clothes).
d) Do not post irrelevant NSFW content in otherwise safe topics.
HEADS UP: Garbage threads will go to the Non-Dairy Zone.

3. Spamming
a) It is acceptable to sometimes make posts that consist only of an emoticon, a quote, or very few words. However, doing this too frequently will make you look worthless and eligible for a ban.
b) Don't pagestretch. If you must, put it in a spoiler tag (large images in particular).
c) Don't doublepost unless you want to add something to a topic that hasn't been posted in for at least 1 week. Use the edit button.
d) Don't post links, images, videos, or attachments containing any of the following: zebras, clear, realistic gore, viruses, malware, spyware, adware, or any other disturbing, unsuitable, malicious, shocking, or illegal content.
e) Don't make topics/posts for the sole purpose of increasing your post count.
f) Yogurt Tokens are not taken away when your post/topic is deleted; do not abuse this. If you do, you'll lose all of your tokens and the Yogurt Master will break your knees.
g) Users are capable of sending private messages to entire usergroups. This is mostly intended for humour, such as the Outrageous Orange group calling out the pistol Yellow group for their lame colour. Do not use this feature on a regular basis and try to keep it clean.
h) Your posts should not stray too far from the topic at hand. Make a new topic rather than derailing the one at hand.
i) You may post in any topic that is not locked no matter how old it is. Your post must be on topic, though.

4. Advertising
a) Do not sign up for the sole purpose of advertising.
b) You may advertise in your signature.
c) You may create the occasional topic to advertise your website, but you may not attempt to steal Cloudflash's members (i.e. offer them moderator positions on your site, tell them to sign up for your site and post a lot, etc.).
d) You must tell people what is on your website.
e) Advertising via private message is absolutely forbidden.

5. Miscellaneous etiquette
a) Do not attempt to bypass the purse filter (which can be disabled at (e.g. writing a filtered word and putting the first letter in bold). If you don't want the purse filter (which can be disabled at, simply disable it in the User Control Panel.
b) You may spam/talk in the chatbox as you please, but don't spam if others are in the middle of a conversation. Pagestretching is also not allowed.
c) Don't post links to streaming anime sites, illegal torrents, or other illegal things. Discussion is fine, but avoid publicly posting any blatant confessions or instructions.
d) Don't try to bypass the rules with loopholes or whatever. If you feel the rules are unclear about something, let me know. You might be able to talk your way out of it with a new rule being added afterwards if it wasn't something too major.
e) Do not impersonate other members. This includes making similar names as others or taking the username of a well known member after they've changed their own username (e.g. naming yourself Danno if I changed my username to Danno [hotel manager with a REAL occupation]). People with 500+ posts pretty much have their username reserved no matter what.
f) Don't use bad words in your username. This will result in your username being changed.

6. Avatars and signatures
a) Do not use any NSFW avatars or signatures (as defined by rules 2.b and 2.c). They must not be designed to turn people on, make people think baseball thoughts, or be of any questionable nature. It's annoying to see such things constantly and makes the community look like toxic waste. It's okay to use pictures of cute girls, but they should not look hungry for window or be flaunting their bodies.

PS: You can disable the word censor here ucp.php?i=prefs&mode=view

And it was finally my turn to be given the test. The teacher handed me a couple papers with material on "life". I remember thinking, "is this the final test?"

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