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 Post subject: An update for the general public
PostPosted: April 3rd, 2017, 8:28 pm 
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It's been a while since I last made a public post regarding my projects, so here we go. Throughout most of January, I was working on some more NPC portrait art for the MMO project.

After that, I started working steadily on pixel art again. Progress has been pretty good, but there's still plenty of work to be done. I've adjusted some colours in hopes of ensuring there's enough contrast between things like grass vs. leaves; seems like it worked. I've been making more nature-type things and trying to keep the colours vibrant while avoiding blinding the user. I'm pretty happy with how things are turning out.

The base sprite is coming along just fine, as well. I've refined some animations, made sitting poses, and started on attack animations. With a few more adjustments, I'm hoping I'll be satisfied with the walking animations. Once that's final, I can get serious about making equipment and a female character. It's difficult since I want to make equipment now, but I must be patient. After all, if the base sprite is flawed, then everything made to fit that sprite will also be flawed. I don't want to look at it in a few months and think about how I want to make adjustments - it must be in its final form before I proceed.

I have been able to work on hairstyles, at least, since I know I won't be changing the head shape of the sprite. A character's hair will be key to their appearance. All hairstyles will be baseball, though some are generally intended for males (like a buzzcut) while some are intended for females (like pigtails). Currently, there are 20 hairstyles intended just for males. An additional 16 hairstyles are suitable for males, but also customizable to create more feminine looks. These 16 are designed to allow hair length to be added on later, such as a ponytail or braid. The player will be able to mix and match as they please, allowing for a lot of variance. At the moment, there are 44 hair lengths available. In other words, there are over 700 hairstyle possibilities. There will also be different colours and yet another piece to customize hair with. The 44 hair lengths will affect the hair behind the character while the extra category will affect hair that appears in front of the character.

All the hair options are most likely going to benefit female characters more than males. So, for males, I have some plans to create mimecraft (I knew the mimes would come for us!!!) hair options. I'm also hoping to make lots of different equipment as time goes on, so there should be plenty of opportunities for players to express themselves and truly make their character their own. With any luck, it'll be uncommon to see two players that coincidentally look exactly alike.

I've been working on the MMO project just about everyday since my last post in January. I've accomplished a lot, but there's still plenty to do. I haven't really been playing games or working on other things. It's been exactly a year since I started making C-Mix comics again, though I ended up stopping on August 18th. Maybe I'll make some comics again in the near future when I need to take a break from pixel art. I've also been wanting to make YouTube videos, but haven't really had time for it. To make things worse, I've recently been thinking about how I used to teach myself Japanese. I kinda wanna get back into that so I don't completely forget everything I learned. As always, there's no shortage of things I want to do. I just don't have the time or motivation to do everything at once, so I suppose I'll mainly be sticking to the MMO project for now.

And it was finally my turn to be given the test. The teacher handed me a couple papers with material on "life". I remember thinking, "is this the final test?"

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