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 Post subject: Comics're nice, this's the life... Man you're nosy!
PostPosted: April 20th, 2018, 2:59 pm 
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It's certainly been a quiet year for Cloudflash, so I might as well make a post. I was reading through about 100 pages of C-Mix yesterday since I randomly thought about one of my comics and wanted to see it again. It sorta reaffirmed my desire to be making comics. For a long time, I was far more interested in animating and making games, though I've stated in recent years how I'd like to focus more on comics now instead. I still enjoy creating different types of projects, but they come with their own set of problems.

I mean, I like animating, but I don't like using stock sound effects or stealing sound effects from other professional works. I want my work to be something I can call entirely my own, so then I end up with awkward homemade sound effects and stuff. I like making games - that is, designing them, making graphics, and making them function the way I want. I'm not a programmer, though, so my projects either fall short or never see the light of day. I also like attempting to compose music, but I don't have the patience to learn how to use the tools properly, plus I can never find instruments that match the sounds I hear in my head.

So, in the end, comics are nice to work on. It's nothing but writing and art - something that anyone with a paper and pencil can do. It's a project where you can convey your intentions without learning how to use special software, without needing specialized equipment, and without reading textbooks to learn how to do it. It's one of the most realistic types of projects where you can expect to reach the same level as professionals just by working on your own and doing what you feel like.

I've been very busy working on the Re:Spite MMO project and I'm excited to see my hundreds of hours of work come to life when people can finally login to the game and play at their leisure. When the game's released and functioning properly enough, I'd like to get back to making more C-Mix comics here and there, though. I'd like to work on other comic projects, as well, like at least making a few more chapters of El Cacto and bringing the story to a close. At the very least, I'm sure I'll at least muster up a few C-Mix comics in August, though hopefully I can do more than that!

And it was finally my turn to be given the test. The teacher handed me a couple papers with material on "life". I remember thinking, "is this the final test?"

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