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PostPosted: May 5th, 2018, 11:53 am 
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! Penpal !

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Believe it or not, we've actually been using this forum for 10 years now. Well, to be precise, we started using it on May 8, 2008, but I'd rather get this stuff over with on a weekend instead of a Tuesday. Anyway, for some of us, we've shared a lot about ourselves throughout those 10 years and got to know each other decently well. We've got old photos, old opinions, and all sorts of other stuff that could be used against us if someone felt like trolling. That being the case, I've archived all our old posts and have only given viewing access to older members/regulars.

Our forum is quite dead and has been for some time now, so I kept things fairly minimalistic in terms of the public forum sections. This also means that the "Review and Rate" links on the old game/movie pages are all dead links for the general public. I do still want to redesign the site eventually, at which point I'll fix up all the dead links and whatever. Perhaps I'll also add more forum sections in the future when the site is redesigned, i.e. when the site is intended to receive visitors again.

And it was finally my turn to be given the test. The teacher handed me a couple papers with material on "life". I remember thinking, "is this the final test?"

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Post new topic This topic is locked, gtfo.  [ 1 post ] 

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