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 Post subject: Valentine's comic and some updates
PostPosted: February 14th, 2009, 3:27 am 
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! Penpal !

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-A Valentine's Day themed Cloudflash Mix comic here
-I added a "Click here for the latest" link on the Comics page underneath Cloudflash Mix's picture, so now you won't have to go to the first comic and then make your way to the newest one. The picture is a part of that same link, so clicking it will also take you to the newest comic. The link that is the comic's title still goes to the first comic, though.
-Some of the forum font colours and backgrounds were a bit screwy... I either forgot about them or never got around to it. For example, if you tried to edit your signature, both the font and background colour would be white... I had to throw some black font in to counter the white backgrounds. Anyhow, I've fixed that up now; most font should now be white and all of the text area backgrounds should be a sorta dark, dull blue.
-I made it so if you post a link, it's underlined... It was sorta hard to tell what was a link and what wasn't, especially if you've clicked the link since I have the "visited link" colour as an off-white colour, making it look similar to normal text. Anyhow, they're underlined now.
-A new drawing here if anyone's interested
-I added alt tags to a bunch of images on the site, so maybe Google Images will be able to pick them up a bit better... I was only using title tags before since I thought they were the same thing, but title tags would show the text when you mouseovered them, something alt tags seemed to be slow at or fail at doing sometimes.

And it was finally my turn to be given the test. The teacher handed me a couple papers with material on "life". I remember thinking, "is this the final test?"

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Post new topic This topic is locked, gtfo.  [ 1 post ] 

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