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 Post subject: What tricks do I intend to pull out of my hat?!
PostPosted: June 1st, 2009, 12:51 am 
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Having a tablet certainly makes drawing a lot easier. It still took me a good few hours to make the latest Final World Quest comic, though... Happy birthday to me, etc. I just intended to use the "worthless celebration comic" joke again today. The way I separated Final World Quest from Cloudflash Mix just happened to make it line up perfectly so that my birthday would be the comic after the hundredth. I dunno how I ended up turning it into what it is, though... It was good fun for me, though.
When I make new comics, I usually open one of the older ones, erase all the drawings, and draw the new comic in it. Then I save it as a separate file so I can still edit the older comics if I want to. However, I occasionally hit Ctrl+S before choosing "Save As" and making it a separate file... I've lost a few editable files for comics this way, and I just did it today, thus overwriting C-Mix #100's editable file. Oh well... hopefully there's nothing I'd want to change with it in the future.

Now then, what tricks've I got in my hat? Well, I don't wear a hat. Anyhow... I've got the script up to comic #18 for Final World Quest done with, and I've got lots of random ideas for later... It's nothing to really even think about at this point, but I intend to end this series before it reaches 100 comics. I'm thinking of maybe making a Flash RPG for Final World Quest when it ends.
I'm sort of lacking motivation to work on my current Flash projects, and I worry that mixing tablet drawings into the current art for the projects might make them look weird...
I have some vague ideas for more comic series... Colouring can be a pain, so they would maybe just be a rough, unpolished style like today's comic. I intend to develop the storylines and characters better before really starting on any of these comic series ideas... and I dunno how long they'd be. If I get around to any of these, I'll probably finish a good portion of it and then release one page a day until it ends.

And it was finally my turn to be given the test. The teacher handed me a couple papers with material on "life". I remember thinking, "is this the final test?"

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