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Dungeon in the Clouds by Danny Poloskei
Kazushi is captured and must cooperate with the mysterious Taun Bu to gain any hope of escaping.

BlindSwordsman by Danny Poloskei
A quick action game about a swordsman and a bunch of ninjas!

Meteolife by Danny Poloskei
Get a job, raise your stats, buy a car! It's all here in Meteolife! And when you've had enough for one day, you can save the game and pick up later!

Bleach Versus by Don Anonimo
It is an arcade style fighting game based of the anime Bleach. It has 9 characters from the anime and 6 stages you can battle it out on.

Sand Labyrinth by Danny Poloskei
Make your way through 5 levels of sand, crimson crescents, and other obstacles!

Escape by Danny Poloskei
Make your way through 20 levels without getting caught once!

Raker Escaper by Danny Poloskei
Help Jake get past those Rakers by beating the crap out of them!

Supernatural Fighters by Danny Poloskei
A 2 player only stick fighting game! Grab a friend or family member and go head to head!

Dodge-em 2 by icarus
The second edition of this simple and addictive evasion game.