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History: 2005-2006

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May 27 <2005>: Yeah! Updates! From now on, I'll state what's new and when. I've been wasting my HTML powers. And that's not a good thing. I know a lot, but I didn't show it with my crappy lists for a website. Well, on with the updates!

June 8 <2005>: The Games, Movies, and Flash Artists sections are ready. I know everyone's been waiting patiently, so now it's here. They don't have much content yet, but at least it's there.
June 25 <2005>: The Other section is ready for viewing. The Flash Artists section is changing so it will also list the Flash Artist's e-mail and website. I'm working on several flash projects, and I'll list some titles for you, so you might know what to get excited for. Game: Raker Escaper- You are Jake, escaping the Rakers' base, beat up the Rakers and escape. Movie: Rakers Episodes 1 to 3- Has 3 Rakers episodes. Game: Meteolife- It's your life; you can get a job, go to a casino, go to the bar, and all sorts of stuff. Game: Stick Fighter- A stick fighting game; you'll need a friend for this one, it's a 2 player game. That's all I'm gonna spoil, because I'd like to keep some tricks up my sleeve. But yeah, those games are lookin' nice, and are all like, half way done. I'll probably finish Raker Escaper first. Then Meteolife, and then Stick Fighter. And as for Rakers 1 to 3, it's done.

July 14 <2005>: Hey, I'm not sure if anyone even comes here anymore, the forum activity is at an altime low. That saddens me... I suppose we need more members. Anyhow, for those who still do come here, Magus Episode 1 and 2 have modern preloaders now. And Magus Episode 3 is done and up (Yeah, I didn't think I'd get to this instead of the things I previously mentioned either). It is the last episode in the Magus series. That's right; I finally finished something! Meteolife is nearing completion, but I have to figure out how to make it so you can save the game still. I'm planning on adding techno music to Stick Fighter and then putting it up. The game is done, but it has no sound FX or music. Music is all I plan to add. I haven't touched Raker Escaper since June, but stay in the groove for playing a Rakers game. Another update is that I plan to submit the 3 episodes of Magus to www.newgrounds.com, and I'll advertise Cloudflash in my description. On my next update, I'll say whether they made it on Newgrounds or not.
July 16 <2005>: Yeah, writing updates in just 2 days? What's wrong with me? Anyhow, I'd like to say that Magus Episode 1 was blammed on newgrounds. It seems that people don't care for that sort of thing. But they did enjoy Crono vs. Kirby, and you can find it there and vote for it. I have posted a preview of one of the games I've been working on, Meteolife. You can see more info at the News section. Also, I am looking for a website with video game sound effects, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, and Kirby in specific. If you know any sites, send them to im_onto_your_little_game@hotmail.com, and I'll be really grateful.
July 22 <2005>: See what happens when I update often!? DO YOU SEE!? Okay, item #54, the Evil Overlord series is back on Cloudflash. And with a new episode too! Also, I'm e-mailing some of the Flash Artists on Newgrounds and asking if they'd submit certain things here too. The journey is sort of successful! We have a brand new type of game coming, I just need the info from the Artist. This Flash Artist has created a maze-game! Now that's thinking! It's a pretty good game, and you can find it on Newgrounds under the name "aMAZEing". It contains 2 mazes and you control a ball. You have to get the ball to the finish area. It would be better if it had 3 mazes, but what can you do? Hopefully this game will be on Cloudflash soon! As for Tidyman and Techno, created by Antony Bolton (creator of skullx.tk), he hasn't been responding to e-mails, so it could take a while to get the info on those movies. Well, that's all for now!
July 30 <2005>: Antony Bolton has finally given me the information for Tidyman and Techno, so they are on the website now! I'm starting to think the Movies section is getting a decent amount of content now! I'm still working on a bunch of games though... Let's thank Skull-X for helping us out! Check out his site at Skull-X. And thanks to all the other Cloudflash submitters, of course!

August 5 <2005>: Well, well. It's been a while, hasn't it? We have a new movie available today called "Evil Coke". It's the latest (and greatest?) from Skutieos7! Ah, but that's all the updates... sorry everyone. I plan to get back to my Flash work soon, now that I'm used to having internet! :-)

September 24 <2005>: Wooh! Here we go! Evil Coke 2 is done and on Cloudflash now. It's been a while since I've updated... But, yeah. Evil Coke 2 is ready to view in the movie section. I'm thinking this updates list is becoming too big, so I might make a new sub-section in "Other" called "Update History". It will have all the updates that aren't on this page anymore. Well, enjoy the movie!
September 28 <2005>: At last Raker Escaper is done. Go check it out at games. Also, I removed the Top-Down Adventure games. Enjoy Raker Escaper. Also note that you can't move and attack at the same time, so just calm down, and stop moving when you want to attack.

October 12 <2005>: Guess what everyone? We now officially have aMAZEing from Dustin Pearce! The first ever "maze" game on Cloudflash! There are only two levels, but it's still a great game in Cloudflash history. Take a moment to play and enjoy this game.
October 28 <2005>: I have finally finished Stick Fighter. This is as done as it's gonna get. I might make a second Stick Fighter game where you can duck, use combos, choose what song you want to listen to any time, and I'll make it so you can tap buttons to attack instead of holding them down. But for now, you'll just have to live with this one. Check out StickFighter in the Games section, and enjoy! 2 Players Only, so make sure you have another person willing to play.
December 14 <2005>: Guess what everyone? Incidents is done. You can check it out on the Movies page. To everyone who submitted, if you want comments on the page, tell me what you want written. Just PM it to me on the forums. Also, I decided it was about time I finished Rad's Problem (by adding music). You can check that out at movies while you're at it.
December 30 <2005>: You can now check out Bucket of Shorts 2 on the movies page. Don't forget to vote for it on the forums, and give it some comments, will ya? I'm gonna try and make a new layout for submission pages, maybe some changes to the game, movie, and home indexes by New Years. Don't expect anything magnificent or anything, I only have 2 days to make it (if I want it done in time). Also, I have some homework I should be working on, along with Flash work. Oh, almost forgot, Rad's Problem and Incidents now have their scores.

January 9 <2006>: Over a week late, but Happy New Years! Cloudflash now has a new site navigation bar at the top of the screen. You'll notice I used ice instead of fire. Oooooh. Also, the submission pages are being updated so all the info, the screenshot, and the movie/game are all in the same table. Also the drop-down menus work now! Wow, I'm on a roll. So if you want to find a similar submission, just click the drop-down menu and select an option. No updates as far as the indexes go... yet... Anyhow, enjoy the updates. Oh, and also, you can no longer right click any Cloudflash pages... >:-)
January 10 <2006>: Alrighty! I've updated all of the submission pages now. Bucket of shorts 2 finally has its score, and we have a new movie from Skutieos; Bob episode 1. You may have noticed an image with this update, I'll be using images like that one from now on. Also, I'm fed up with resizing screenshot images that go with submissions, and I am no longer doing it. If it isn't 70px by 70px, I'm just pressing CTRL+E in MS Paint, and making 70px by 70px, regardless of how the picture looks afterwards (I'm looking at you, Skuttys!). Well, enjoy the movie, don't forget to vote and give comments on the forum. I'll probably change the movie and game indexes sometime, as they are a bit outdated now... Oh, and lastly, there's a link to the Cloudflash Chatroom in the Other section.
January 15 <2006>: I made some minor updates to the Other section, including new instructions on affiliating with Cloudflash. I've also removed the affiliate instructions on this page (index).

January 20 <2006>: There's a new game, Dave Beckett the Game, created for art class. Hopefully I'll be getting back to work on my Flash projects soon... Just gotta handle exam week first (starts January 23).

January 24 <2006>: I've created/added a new sprite movie, Cecil vs. Kain. Check it out, and all that sort.

January 30 <2006>: I've been meaning to change the movie and game index pages since I changed the submission pages... So here it is at last! There will now be 15 submissions per index page, and page numbers (buttons) to go to the next page of submissions. Keep the submissions coming everyone; we're still on page 1 for games y'know. Also, I've finally created a Cloudflash Preloader. You can download it at the Other section. I'll make more (different kinds) if you guys like the idea of having a Cloudflash Preloader. Here's some other stuff now:
-By request, Bob Episode 1 was removed from Cloudflash.
-I'm thinking of changing the backgrounds on the pages; I'll deal with that one later though.
-Cecil vs. Kain and Dave Beckett the Game have their scores.

February 2 <2006>: I'm sure no one noticed, but there was a minor glitch on the Cloudflash Preloader. I fixed it though, so no worries. Also, I remembered that Flash MX can't open Flash MX 2004 files, so there is now a Flash MX preloader and a Flash MX 2004 preloader. They are the same, but saved as different formats. The Preloaders can be found in the Other section. Also, I've finished making a basic shooting game. Yes, it's repetitive. Yes, the sounds are annoying. But at least it's something, right? Well, I'll let your guys' votes decide on that one. So yeah, check out The Invasion on the Games page. Lastly, I'll let you guys in on a little something. As usual, I didn't feel like working on my current Flash projects, so I started another new one. This one's a first person shooter; health bar, ammunition, reload, game is from your point of view. So far I think it's looking pretty good. I don't plan to show any previews on this game yet.

February 12 <2006>: Cloudflash now has its first wallpaper; available at the Other section. It's a pretty simple wallpaper, but it's decent. It's 1024px by 768px, so it should stretch to your desktop quite well. In other news, Skutieos has made a new movie, Mr. Happy Balloon, which can be seen in the Movies section. Also, I saw a Flash movie posted on some other forums a while ago, and asked if the creator would be so kind as to submit it to Cloudflash, so you can sorta expect to see that one soonish. Guess that's all for now.

February 18 <2006>: I'm not sure where everyone went, but I'll go on with this stuff anyways. I haven't been around much lately, but I have a good reason. I came up with some sort of character, and then decided I'd make a Flash movie series based on him. Then I made a little comic, because it's hard to make Flash movies without a plan. Then I created some more characters, and another short comic. So I've been working on these things for now. I might make some new section or something if you guys want to see these comics (I'd have to remake them on the computer, since I've been making them on paper). When I have enough of these comics, I'll start working on Flash movies based on it. I guess now I can tell you that the characters in the Cloudflash Wallpapers are from my comic. Oh, and I added another wallpaper. So yeah, hope that explains my partial absence. I hope to make a good Flash series out of this, so it deserves planning. Aside from that, I've been watching more Ranma . I'll try to cut back on that a bit, so I have more time for Flash and stuff. And just for you guys, I'm gonna work on Meteolife right now, even though I don't feel like it.

February 23 <2006>: I'm working on getting more affiliates for Cloudflash, to get it known a little bit better. Also, I'm still working on my Flash movies and games, and will hopefully finish something new soon. Also, I signed up for some sort of site which basically works just like dot TK. It allows another URL to show the Cloudflash page, but they aren't actually hosting any of the files. That URL is www.cloudflash.co.nr, and it doesn't have pop-ups or ads on the page. But according to their rules, their button has to be on the homepage (even though I think it would be much better on the Other section), so it is located at the News.

February 26 <2006>: I've finished Lambada Ranma, and it can be found in the Movies section. I'm still looking around for good affiliates. Make sure you check out our affiliates now and then. Also, I'm working on contacting "Impressed Arts", because he said he would submit "Tetris the Apocalypse", and he sent me the info, but not the movie. Anyhow, the point is that I'm getting to that. Well, enjoy Lambada Ranma. --- Ah, morning already... Time flies when you're... sleeping. Anyhow, Skutieos has submitted a new movie, Homer Simpson Meets Mario, which can also be found at Movies. --- Oh wow, 3 movies in one day! Hope you're all ready for Tetris the Apocalypse! The file size is rather large, and it's a shame the sound files aren't compressed, but I like this movie. It's quite original, and pretty well made for a beginner. So I'm allowing the large file size to be overlooked this time. Hope you enjoy that movie as well as the others. Also, Mr. Happy Balloon has been removed by request of its artist.

March 3 <2006>: Alrighty... I found a spot of trouble in the preloaders, but now it is fixed for good. Also I've changed the URL on the preloaders to go to www.cloudflash.co.nr instead of www.cloudflash.tk, because the .co.nr is... better. So the preloaders are 100% functional now, and tested and everything. Also, by request, "Homer Simpson Meets Mario" has been removed from Cloudflash. In other news, I've still got a bunch of uh... stuff in the making, and hopefully Cloudflash's other flash artists are working on things too.

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