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History: 2006

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Note: The text in the updates used to be cut off so it would fit within the greyish white box, and the [Read More] buttons link to the original posts on the old Cloudflash ProBoards forum. I decided to just put the full announcements here, though, even though that isn't the way they looked before. I've separated the original shortened versions and the complete announcements with one of these | things.

April 09, 2006: Heya everyone! Cloudflash is finally back! The layout is completely different, and there are a lot of other changes, including a bunch of new sections. Some work still needs to be done on the forum, so you'll just have to wait for that. Also, none of the sections have content yet, so you'll have to wait on that too. | I hope to have everything up and running soon. [Read more]

April 20, 2006: Okay... I'll try to get back to working on the site. Once again, I have been drawn towards online games. I figured I should finish the smaller things on the site, and then move up towards the bigger things, such as the Animations page. So, I've done the small task of putting the History page together.... | It's not much, but at least it's something. :)

(edit) Woohoo, I did more work on Cloudflash. The Submit page is now done... for the most part. I just have to add the option of choosing a background. [Read more]

April 22, 2006: I've put up some information on affiliation with Cloudflash at the Other section. It has pretty much anything you'd need to know about becoming an affiliate. Also, there's a link at the bottom of the affiliates on the right hand side of the page which will take you to the affiliation part of the Other section.[Read more]

May 07, 2006: At long last, the forums are once again open! There have been changes to emoticons, skins, avatars, and more. It probably doesn't seem like it was such a hard task, but let me tell you, it was. I had to copy and paste a URL, hit enter, and repeat that process over 350 times just to get the list of ... | avatars done. And before that, I had to upload all of those avatars to my photobucket! I had to upload and edit the URLs of over 30 images for each of the 12 current skins. I had to create new emoticons, organize them, and choose which ones I wanted to go. It definately shouldn't have taken as long as it did, but it was still hard work.

Lastly, I'm not sure if "karma"/"reputation" should stay or not. In the past it seemed to just be causing problems. Feedback needed... [Read more]

May 19, 2006: Hey everyone, just letting you now I am still working on some stuff for Cloudflash (though I'm doing it very slowly). Today I decided I'd make the Download page. There aren't a lot of things to download at the moment, but I hope to add more wallpapers, preloaders, and even... | some Winamp skins (I think I'll look for some software to create skins... the method I have is quite a grueling task [gonk] ). I'm also thinking whether I should allow people to 'submit downloadables' or not. Feedback and whatnot appreciated :P [Read more]

May 28, 2006: It's finally time for Cloudflash to get back up on its feet! The submission, game index, and movie index pages are ready! If you had something on Cloudflash before it shut down and reopened, I will send you an e-mail to see if you would still want it to be on the site. If you want to send in... | anything new, use the Submit page; it's ready to go. I will have my Flash games and animations up sooner than anyone else's, since I don't have to submit it to myself or get it confirmed. Review/Rating threads will be made in the Cloudflash board on the forums. [Read more]

June 10, 2006: Okay, so I just finally started getting the animation index ready, and some of the animation pages... but at least I got something done... Anyhow, I put some of my animations up, and I'll still be having to contact whoever had things on Cloudflash before. Only some of the links on animations index work;... | I have some small things to chance on some of the other Flash movies before I put them up. [Read more]

June 25, 2006: Okay, finally decided I'd do something about the "Comics" page... I put up all of my "An Improved Society" comics. That's all there is, that's all that's planned to ever be. The comic basically makes fun of Corey/Corey's comic, but has a little more to it than just that. I know this comic isn't great, in fact, some people ... | might find it absolutely pointless. But there it is anyways. If you have some sort of comic you want to submit, then e-mail it to me. As for putting up other peoples' Flash content, I've been too lazy to e-mail the people. But I'll get on that right away. Oh, and if you're wondering why I used the sad kind of avatar on the site, it's 'cause I don't think I've used it yet... and I felt like using it and I'm not really pleased with these comics I guess...

(edit) I recommend you view the comics in Firefox so you can use the little 'zoom in' thing. If you insist on using Internet Explorer, then try saving them to your computer so they don't look squished and pixelly. If they look just fine, forget I said anything. [Read more]

June 30, 2006: Alright, I finished my "Kung Fu" sprite movie, and now it's up and ready to view. Also be sure to check out "My Radio" by Skutieos7. We've also got a new comic series starting from Nathan of The Post Place called "The Life". They can be seen at the Comics section. I still need to make the Flash Artists section... | but since there isn't much variety of Flash artists on Cloudflash at the moment (since a lot of the people I e-mailed haven't replied yet...), I won't worry about it. Once there are 5 different submitters or something I'll make the Flash Artist section.

So yeah, check out the new comics by Nathan, check out My Radio by Skutieos, and check out Kung Fu. Make sure you vote and review the new movies, maybe make a new thread to comment in for Nathan's comics. Enjoy the stuff. [Read more]

July 02, 2006: I was checking out some Flash stuff on Newgrounds a few days ago... not a lot of stuff, and none of that "front page" b.s., just some nice, average portal entries. I came across a "Mario Bloopers" Flash movie and decided to contact the creator to see if he'd want to submit it here. I thought the sprite... | movements were quite smooth and the movie overall was pretty good. Anyhow, Mario Bloopers is now up on Cloudflash! Also, I have been contacting Pyre and I'm hoping that we can expect to see the Evil Overlord series back on Cloudflash fairly soon. I haven't heard from Impressed Arts for a while, so I'm going to try e-mailing him about Tetris the Apocalypse. Hopefully he's making some cool new stuff... well, hopefully all the Flash artists are.

(edit) Woop, almost forgot to mention that Skutieos7 has a new movie up, which he made with PenguinLink, called The Robbery Attempt. Be sure to check that one out too. [Read more]

August 01, 2006: At last I have uploaded Pyre's Evil Overlord series to Cloudflash. It shouldn't have taken a month... but it did. I'm shocked at myself for leaving Cloudflash without any sort of update for so long... (nono emoticon) Tisk tisk... Well, so now there are four more movies for you guys to watch, give a score... | to, and review. Hopefully we won't have to go so long without anything new on Cloudflash again due to lack of incoming content, lack of interest, or my complete laziness (most likely going to be that one if it does happen again).
While I'm at this, I guess I'll state that one of the players at Endless Online is making a Flash game of their own, based on a select few people who play Endless Online and the programmer for the game. So far you can kill the programmer using one of the characters, or you can be killed. It's basically just a button game so far, "click here to die", "click here to win", but the person making the game asked for some actionscripting help from me (even though I'm not a genius at it like Dem), so it'll probably be like more of a game. Perhaps with health bars and the sort... I'll give some more info on it when I know more... [Read more]

September 24, 2006: Alright, finally an update. It all started when Skutieos sent me a PM suggesting I finally make the Flash Artists section... so I did! The Flash Artists section is all done and ready to go. It has a small profile of everyone who has submit something to the website. This small profile includes... | links to all their Flash work, their comics, their forum profile, and their website. Profile owners can also have a 100 x 100 image shown in their Flash Artist profile, as well as a small amount of text. To have these added, they'll have to PM me or send me an email containing the image and/or text.
In other news, I recently discovered someone took Sand Labyrinth and put it on their site without asking me. My game on their site can be found here:
I don't like that they took it without asking me, so I'll be contacting them, but I'm fine with it being there since they credited me and gave a link to Cloudflash.

(wow, almost a 2 month gap between the updates) [Read more]

September 25, 2006: I had a good idea for the site out of nowhere, so today I went ahead and added it. You can now see a person's Flash Artist profile by clicking their name on the Animations, Games, and Comics pages. So suppose you're checking out the Games page, you see "Danny Poloskei - Meteolife"... | You can click "Danny Poloskei" to go to my Flash Artist profile. I also made it so you can click that text to get to the submission, and you can still also click the submission's picture to get to it. So if you click the text "Meteolife" it'll take you to Meteolife.
People who make comics will now be counted as Flash Artists... The thing is... I'm too lazy to make a "Comic Artist" page, or change what the "Flash Artist" page is called, so I'm just gonna go ahead and list people there even if they've only made comics and no Flash.
Skutieos has submitted "Dave the Duck", an animation. Check it out, review and rate.
I will be going through all of the submission pages sometime soon... I'm going to make it so the "Created by ____" will also link to their Flash Artist profile (I'm talking about on the page that actually has their submission, playable or viewable).

Planning to make myself new update avatars... I don't much care for these ones anymore. [Read more]

September 29, 2006: I noticed that I messed up on some of the HTML on the Other section, and it was like that since I made the Other section for this third version of Cloudflash. So I've fixed it now, probably no one noticed... I also got sick of the blue backgrounds on the pages and frames, and replaced... | it with this red one I made today. I was drawing little Tetris blocks, which is what the main background is made of. The frame background is the same, but with dark lines covering most of it. I think it looks decent, and it makes the yellow text much easier to read.
(edit) Oh, and I also changed the forum's default background to... well it doesn't really match, but it's sort of almost close to the site. The forum's old default background no longer exists, so sorry to anyone who may have been using it and liked it.
I guess that's it for now. [Read more]

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