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January 26, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Whoop, almost let the month pass by without posting any updates. As most of you already know, I ended up not moving out... to those that didn't know, now you do. I've added another random image to the top-right corner of the site; it's "Kazushi"... He used to be my update avatars, and uh... there's more info about him in the History section. My previous plans for him were scrapped, but I like the character, so I'll probably use him in some future games or movies. Also, I finally updated the logo so it says 2004-2008 instead of 2004-2007... I've created a new comic for the Cloudflash Mix called "Neither". Hokuto made some comics a long time ago, but I forgot to add them, but now I have. I'm still working on Supernatural Fighters 2... slowly...

January 29, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei I suddenly felt motivated to do some work on Cloudflash... so I did! If you go to the Comics section, you'll notice that the Cloudflash Mix comics are no longer listed the way they were. Instead, I've changed it to match the style of the Games and Movies sections. In other words, there will be a screenshot and description, and you can click either the screenshot or title to go to the comics.
I didn't really like how I had the comic pages open in a new window... that's kind of annoying. From now on, comics will be in the window, in their own page! I haven't finished the other comics yet; only the Cloudflash Mix so far... I experimented a bit with PHP, and it turns out it's more like actionscript than I thought, so I was able to mess around and make a list of the comics underneath the current comic. The comic your on will be bolded, and it will have pointy brackets indicating it. Also, I made a "random comic" button. I'll be doing this to the other comics later...

February 03, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei I'm still working on getting those comic pages done... I don't have much left to go. I've already done it for the three main comics, Cloudflash Mix, An Improved Society, and A Bunch of Stupid Geeks in Sweatshirts (B.S.G.S. as I like to abbreviate it). The third comic of B.S.G.S was... too wide for Cloudflash's layout. I modified it to put the third panel underneath the first two (but Skutieos, the creator, can do it himself if he doesn't think I did it good enough).
In other news, we have a new movie from Skutieos called "Mr. Sticky Enjoys Dinner", and it can be found on the second page in the Movies section. It's been quite a while since we've had a new movie... which reminds me that I forgot to put Hokuto's Christmas Flash movie up... Kind of late, but I'll get that up when I find the file...

March 19, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Alright... it's been a while since the last update, but Sambomaster's music inspired me to make a new game. I think it's a pretty decent game, and it only took three days... that might just be a new record for me. No procrastination at all, and I even learned some new actionscript; I was truly motivated. I've lost some sleep, but it was worth it. The game is called "Blind Swordsman", and you can find it in the Games section. It's at the top of the list rather than at the bottom... I haven't decided on a new way to arrange the submissions, but all of the games are by me anyways, so I went ahead and did it... "Escape" doesn't really need to be at the top of the list when there's a better new game out. In other news, I put a border on all of the submission screenshots/pictures... I found them to look a little odd on their own.

March 29, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Well, I've been screwing with the layout, and some of you may have noticed that there was an advertisement on the front page for some days... I just kind of wanted to test it out, but the ads certainly weren't worth it. Cloudflash's darkest hours, perhaps. The site was brown for a bit, but I've changed it to blue. It feels so... empty to me... I'll have to mess around a little more, maybe. I'll just list the changes that nobody would have noticed...
You know how at the top of your window it says "Cloudflash _____" when you're on the homepage? Well, now that _____ bit varies at random. There are now two other 'things' that can be written there aside from the original "Because we don't all have better things to do". I've added alt codes to some of the images, so if they don't load, it will at least give you a text link or text description of the image. I was just using title tags before, which seem to work better for mouse overing things. I changed the font on the navigation buttons... apparently the previous font was too hard to read. It looks like that didn't get through to my head, but this font should be easier to read...? I moved some old posts from the homepage to the history page...
Lastly (my favourite part), I added tiny little Cloudflash characters to the bottom of the page, lying on the grass, staring at the clouds, just like they do in the zoomed in version at the top-right corner of the screen. There's Taun Bu, Jake, Kazushi, and me! I'll probably add the Sandwich Maker eventually, and whatever other unique characters become associated with Cloudflash in the future.

April 29, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Hah! In before May! That was kinda close... I have to be more careful about letting the site slip into inactivity...
Anyhow, I've been working on Cloudflash for a few hours today. I updated some colours and modified some images so everything fits the new blue/white thing now. I also modified a couple of my little update avatars slightly.
You can find a new movie, "Pong Gets Laid", on the second page in the Movies section. It's good to see DJ Stitched Mouth (formerly "Impressed Arts") back to making movies.
I've done some updates behind the scenes that you guys wouldn't notice... So I'll just say that I made it so that if you want to change your Cloudflash Name, it can be done very easily now - I only have to change it on one file rather than changing it on every single page. I basically did the same thing for game/movie scores (I just have to edit one file now).
I remember Bomber109 submitting some movies a long time ago, but my host wouldn't allow them because they were too big... but I might be able to get them up now (host increased file size limit). I'll look into that later. I'm also planning to do some changes in the Downloads section... I've had enough for today, though. Until next update!

May 08, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Alright, the new phpBB forum is up and running now. I still have icons to customize and stuff... I'll get to that eventually. When you're on the forum, you can click the Cloudflash logo at the top of the screen to return to the main website, and the "Forum" button on the main site takes you to the new forum now. I have noticed the occasional "database error" when using the new forum; "you get what you pay for", and I didn't pay squat for the database. It works for the most part, though. You might just have to refresh the page or go back now and then... for example, if you're trying to post and you get this error. Just hit the "back" button and try again. If things go way out of hand, the old cloudflash.proboards25.com forum is still up and running, so we can always use it as a backup plan.
In other news, I did some work on the Downloads section some days ago without mentioning anything. I got rid of a lot of the wallpapers... I couldn't imagine people actually using most of them, so I just kept the "better" ones (no offense to the previous wallpaper submitters). Also, I created a new "Blind Swordsman" wallpaper, which I think turned out quite nicely. I'll get the other downloadable stuff back in the Downloads section after I decide how to display it.
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May 16, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Starting today, I will update the Cloudflash Mix comics every Friday... or at least I'll try to. We'll see how things go. Today is Friday, so you'll find a new Cloudflash Mix comic in the Comics section. There is also a new "Comix" comic by Naomi, which can also be found in the Comics section.
Here's a list of negligible updates: links are now yellow instead of blue (the blue was a bit hard to read with this background), I made these news post things a bit wider to make better use of the screen's width, and I finally put something on the Credits page.
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May 23, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei I guess I don't really have anything to say aside from that there's a new Cloudflash Mix comic. It's not that great... I have better comics planned... Well, maybe it'll amuse you for a few moments.
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May 24, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei I've been logging onto Gaia Online a lot lately... just playing the market and accumulating gold for no apparent reason as I used to do... Then I got vaguely inspired to make a Flash movie based on some vague descriptions on two items (the KiKi and CoCo Kitty Plushies). I put a couple of hours into it yesterday, a couple of hours into it today, and it's done. It's sorta decent, so I figured I'd put it up. You can find it in the Movies section.
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May 30, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei I get the feeling I shouldn't have stayed up until 1:30 AM making this week's comic seeing as I have to wake up in about 4 hours to go to work... Oh well, nothing can be done about that now. I consider this one to be some of my "better material" (though I was a bit lazy on the colouring), so hopefully you guys won't think it's lame... Whether you like it or not, let me know; I can't improve without feedback. Anyhow, here's a link to the comic in case you're too lazy to find it.
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June 06, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei New comic... Don't ask why they have no necks...
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June 13, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei And now I shall slowly slip away into my "not-that-great" comics... Here's a link to this week's comic. Oh, and a minor update to the site... I've been locking the old news posts on the forum, and from now on I'll change the [Comment] button to a [View Post] button for old posts on the homepage. I'll get around to doing that for the even older posts (in the History section) some other time...
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June 20, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei This week's comic is up... it turned out a little bit better than I thought it would, but it's not that great.
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June 27, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Okay, so this is a bit late... but for consistency's sake, I'm going to pretend I made it in time. This week's comic is based on something that happened earlier today. It's not exactly platinum, or even gold, but it was sorta funny at the time.
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July 04, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei First... I've learned that Cloudflash apparently runs faster if you don't have www. at the beginning of the URL. Something to do with the host, they're working on making www. work normally, etc. For the time being, make sure you're visiting cloudflash.net and not www.cloudflash.net.
There's a new comic up... It's still Friday in my time zone, so I'm in the clear!
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July 11, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei New comic... I probably should've saved this one for a few months, but I didn't feel like making any of the other comics on my list of ideas. I was also feeling a bit lazy after making my signature... I mean, I wasn't prepared to make a detailed comic after three hours of solid Flash work. Anyhow, enjoy.
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July 19, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei A day late, but this week's comic is up now. I was very tired and lazy yesterday because I had worked three days in a row, only getting a few hours of sleep each night... I don't know how I ever managed to work five days a week during the busier season...
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July 25, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Ah... that's right... this week's comic is on time. I've been thinking of throwing the red katana (Cloudflash's logo) into more of my Flash work, with each game/movie telling its own tale related to that sword... and then you could like, just step back and look at the bigger picture to notice some kind of timeline that's been going on. I've also been thinking of allowing Cloudflash characters from different series to visit each others' worlds in their dreams. For example, when Taun Bu is asleep, he might have a dream where he's in "The Sandwich Maker's" world... and in "The Sandwich Maker's" world, Taun Bu would actually be there. That would probably ruin the timeline idea, so I'll probably have to either pick one or be very careful.
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August 01, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei I'm tired... Here's this week's comic.
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August 08, 2008 - Cloudflash News
Danny Poloskei Comic is up... I think I'll stop announcing when the weekly Cloudflash Mix comic is up unless I have something else I want to say. Depending on your time zone, you guys can expect it to be up anytime on Friday or Saturday. Worst case scenario, no later than Sunday unless I announce otherwise.
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August 18, 2008 - Cloudflash's Birthday!
Danny Poloskei Yes, that's right. Another August 18th, another year of Cloudflashy goodness accomplished. Cloudflash is now four years old. To celebrate, I'll make three comics today. Now it's practically set in stone, so I have to do it... Anyhow, you can expect to see those up within the next seven hours. I just wanna *sniff* thank you guys for making it all possi--... Well, I guess Cloudflash would still exist and stuff whether you visited or not, but you guys make it worthwhile!
I've lost motivation and dedication over the years, but I swear I'll get at least one Flash project done before 2009. Well, I hope we can keep doing what we've been doing for another year to make this a somewhat enjoyable site that you visit after you've already visited your other bookmarks!

I got the comics finished just before midnight, so I was just barely on time! Here's a link to the first of the three for your convenience. Thanks for hanging around here, everyone!
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August 24, 2008 - Forum Update
Danny Poloskei Well, I finally got around to updating the rest of the forum, giving it more of a Cloudflash feel. It might take a little getting used to... I'll try to make the old skin an option in the future. If you encounter any hideous patches of the old skin, let me know... I basically just made this skin by editing the old one a little and replacing the images. Yeah... so that's about it for now. There are still some other images to customize. I'll deal with that someday.
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September 05, 2008 - Comic Updates
Danny Poloskei Alright, so I finally got around to doing a bit of work in the Comics section... Naomi has renamed her comic series "Comix" to "Techno Rave Angel Supreme Comics", and they are now organized in our modern comic system. I've added Eduard's (TI's) comics, Comedy of the Dwarfs, to the site (some of you may have already read these on the forum). Lastly, a new Cloudflash Mix comic has been added for this week. I drew this one on my Nintendo DS using a wonderful homebrew program called Colors!
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September 09, 2008 - Some updates
Danny Poloskei I've added a new subforum in the "Cloudflash" section titled "Submit" - if you have anything to submit, you can do so there. This is just much easier than the emailing procedure... I've put a stickied topic in Submit that explains everything you should need to know about submitting content. Attachments have been enabled for that section, so you can upload your submission there, too. I believe I also enabled attachments for The Void, Creativity Closet, (Flash) Questions and Answers, and (Flash) Show and Tell. I don't think we need attachments in the other sections, so I left them disabled. Download attachments at your own risk (see: disclaimer/legal). You can attach the following file types: gif, jpeg, jpg, png, 7z, gz, rar, torrent, zip, ini, txt, doc, docm, docx, wma, wmv, swf, mp3, mpeg, mpg, ogg, ogm.
I've added a Nintendo DS skin to the Downloads section; it is designed to work with the DSTT homebrew hardware.
Lastly, submitters' names on the site now link to their forum profiles. I am planning to put the Credits page somewhere else and put a different button in its place.
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September 24, 2008 - New comic series
Danny Poloskei Alright... I decided to start a new comic series, "Pawn".
"An organization of higher beings has foreseen the destruction of the planet. The group democratically decides how to control a human being, their pawn, in an attempt to change the outcome of the future."
And here's the hook... You guys get to be that organization. There will be a choice to be made at the end of each comic, and there will be a topic/poll on the forum where you can vote. I'll make a new comic every Wednesday that will be based on the decision that gets the majority of the votes. The options will probably start out kinda boring... If you guys get interested enough, you can discuss and nominate certain options yourselves and then vote on those rather than have me create the options based on the story.
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October 01, 2008 - Comics section updates
Danny Poloskei I've put a very vague warning for each series in the Comics section for the same reason as the warnings/age suggestions on the games/movies... not that I would think anyone would take those to heart. However, they're there just in case... New Pawn comic is up... I'll say now that I don't have anything in specific planned for it. Based on the weekly votes, I'm just sort of making it up as I go along. The series could end up funny, serious, etc... We'll see how things go, I guess.
I've yet to update Comedy of the Dwarfs (the creator revised, removed, and added some). I'll try to get around to that tomorrow or something... I should also probably also get around to organizing the History section a bit better... It's pretty massive now. Loading all that text is about the same as loading a comic. I'm also thinking I want to make myself some new update avatars...
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October 03, 2008 - Always the comic updates...
Danny Poloskei It almost seems as though the Comics section is the only thing I update these days... Well, better that than nothing. I've updated the Comedy of the Dwarfs comics to match Eduard's revisions and I have added the new ones. And, for your convenience, here's a link to this week's Cloudflash Mix comic.
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October 25, 2008 - Comics
Danny Poloskei I DID finish the Cloudflash Mix comic and the late Pawn comic yesterday, but I ended up falling asleep before I could get them on the site. I've been falling asleep at odd times of day lately... I suppose this means I can't have an eight-hour day at work, an entire regular day at home, and a good night's sleep all within 24 hours. Oh well, can't win'em all. Convenient links:
Cloudflash Mix #41
Pawn #5
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November 03, 2008 - A new game
Danny Poloskei This is rather unusual, but someone actually submit a game. It's called "Bleach Versus"; it's a fighting game based on the anime Bleach, and you can find it on the Games page. Also, I made an extremely minor change to the layout on the Games and Movies pages. The tables had set widths before, but now their widths are based on a percentage of the window... In other words, it won't look like crap in a tiny window/monitor, not that anyone uses such monitors anymore, and you wouldn't be able to play a game or watch a movie in such a small window, anyways. Well, that's basically it for now. Maybe I should be getting back to working on my games/movies, too...
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November 07, 2008 - Yogurt Tokens
Danny Poloskei Starting today, you will get points called "Yogurt Tokens" for posting on the forum. Everything seems to be working properly, so I'm assuming I didn't screw anything up by installing this feature... Anyhow, I added a new subforum under the Cloudflash section called "Requests" - see the stickied topic there for more details. This is something no one would notice, but when you're choosing a forum skin in your profile, there is actually a "Cloudflash" option now. It used to say "subsilver2", but I found out how to fix that... Also, I made the actual subsilver2 skin an option. However, it isn't Yogurt Token compatible for the time being (the prosilver skin is, though). Lastly, this week's comic is up. I ate pumpkin pie with whipped cream and drank eggnog to motivate myself to do all this... I think I may have had too much. Around 7/8 of a pie and over a litre of eggnog never hurt anyone, right?
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November 09, 2008 - Lame
Danny Poloskei I'm sure some of you are thinking to yourselves "What the hell is going on? The forum never works! Fix it! Fixitfixitfixitfixitfixit!" I guess free services just aren't quite enough. I'm considering being less of a cheapskate and coughing up $10 to make the forum run faster and not face downtime like it is currently. The forum is currently using a free MySQL database (something necessary to keep a phpBB forum up and running) because Cloudflash's host (110mb.com) doesn't give you one for free. But yeah... a one-time fee of $10 will give Cloudflash as many MySQL databases as it will ever need and then the forum will be working whenever the site is working (which is like, 99% of the time).
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November 12, 2008 - History
Danny Poloskei Whew... I've been meaning to organize the History section, and today I finally did. I ended up reading every news post I made... Cloudflash has been through a lot, and I'm certainly less enthusiastic these days! Well, that ate a good chunk of my time. So much for working on Flash tonight.
I added a new subforum within The Void for things like forum games. Your post count will still increase there, but you won't get Yogurt Tokens because... well, if it was that easy, you guys would have way too many of the things. I would then either have to do a LOT of work (i.e. making good on your purchases) or jack up the prices in Yogurts "R" Us. So, yeah...
This week's Pawn comic is up... So there's a nice convenient link for you.
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November 15, 2008 - Quick reply and stuff
Danny Poloskei Alright, I finally found a quick reply feature that works... Quick reply has been added as requested by Skutieos. I've updated the Cloudflash's favicon (the little that shows up in the address bar and in tabs) with some recolouring... I'll edit this post after I finish this week's comic. I was sorta dead tired yesterday, so yeah...

edit: Okay, Skutieos has a new comic series, "Super Asshole". You can find it in the Comics section. I've also added this week's Cloudflash Mix comic... pretty late, but oh well. I also organized the comics better in a way... I used to just have them all in one "comics" folder, but now I gave each series its own folder, and then I had to change all the image sources on each individual comic page... Anyhow, it just makes things a little bit better for me. Oh, and I updated Comedy of the Dwarfs #3 since Eduard made a newer version of it.
I was going to give those other comic series proper pages on Cloudflash, but they're too wide for Cloudflash... I'm just not sure what to do with them, so I guess I'll continue to leave them as is for now...
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November 17, 2008 - New database
Danny Poloskei Alright, I got us a new database... The forum should now run faster and stop freezing up. Of course, it's still entirely possible that the forum or site could face some downtime, but it shouldn't be nearly as bad. My avatar was gone when I made the switch, so there could be some other things missing, too... I assume that most things should be in order, though. If you get some errors or something, let me know and I'll try to fix it.
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December 15, 2008 - Danno's Rush!
Danny Poloskei I didn't intend to finish it so shortly after making that topic to remind everyone that I swore to finish a Flash project before 2009, but it's done! It's past 2:00 AM right now and I have to wake up for work at 5:30 AM! I was just so close to finishing it that I couldn't help but finish and put it up on the site. I had to deal with frustrating lag and a few crashes near the end, but I made it through... somehow... Enjoy the movie, it's my finest work to date.
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December 24, 2008 - Merry Christmas
Danny Poloskei Here's a Christmas themed comic. Have a good one, everyone.

edit: And an old Christmas movie that Naomi made in 2007... I was going to put it up last year, but I forgot to, didn't make it in time, etc.
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December 26, 2008 - C-Mix and Pawn
Danny Poloskei Here's a link to Cloudflash Mix #51... And here's a link to Pawn #12... I've been late with the Pawn comics lately, but I'll try to keep it on Wednesday until it meets its end.
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