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January 20, 2012 - Where's that C-Mix at?
Danny Poloskei I apparently haven't much been in the mood for drawing lately... So, I guess C-Mix is just gonna be updated irregularly for now. I'll vaguely consider trying to continue doing it weekly, but I guess I won't really go out of my way to do it. Perhaps it's time I made some new Improved Society instead (apparently El Cacto and everything else isn't even worth a mention). I sure kicked this year off well, didn't I? Danno over and OUT.
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January 26, 2012 - An Improved Society: Society at Large
Danny Poloskei C. Rookter returns once more in an all new adventure! How will our hero deal with society? Find out in An Improved Society: Society at Large. As usual, it'll most likely be updated 1-4 times a day until it finishes. I might make a C-Mix for today, but I might not.
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February 22, 2012 - Society has been improved once more
Danny Poloskei An Improved Society: Society at Large is now finished. I kinda won't have internet for a week or something, so I managed to complete it without making you all wait on the ending forever. Anyhow, that's that. C-Mix has been sluggish this year, but I'll try to make at least one or two for March.
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March 15, 2012 - Just a little forgotten announcement
Danny Poloskei I kinda forgot to announce this and I might've mentioned it to a person or two, but I haven't been able to use my computer since the start of this month and I still can't use it. I've passed my electrician course and returned to my default location, but there's very little room here even for the most basic of tasks. That is to say there's currently no room to setup my computer. For some reason, my tablet barely works on this computer I'm using; the lines are all wobbly and rigid no matter how carefully I try to draw them, and my cursor goes off the screen regularly as if my tablet's drawing area is not synced with the monitor's screen area.
Anyhow, so I basically can't draw or work on any of my projects. I've wanted to, really; I even had dreams about updating the site and stuff. There's a lot I want to do and I've got all the time in the world to do it right now since I can't get a job until I get my driver's licence... and that'll probably take a while due to a variety of circumstances. Well, hopefully I'll be able to use my computer again before too long...
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March 27, 2012 - Character bubble gone for now
Danny Poloskei I dunno if anyone'll really notice, but I removed that character bubble at the top-right corner of the site. Being too lazy to install Firefox on this computer, I've been using Chrome, which made Cloudflash look pretty bad. The logo was bumped out of place and overlapping some text. Adding the character bubble in was tricky in the first place since I only kinda knew what I was doing. I managed to get it displaying properly in Firefox for the most part, but I suppose I should do a better job than that.
I've been vaguely thinking about, planning, and intending to redesign Cloudflash since 2 years ago. I suppose I should think about that a bit more... I often plan big and end up with incomplete projects, so perhaps I'll aim for something kinda simpler for now.
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April 01, 2012 - Outrageous orange!
Danny Poloskei Cloudflash was starting to feel a little boring being blue all the time... so I've decided to bring a little change into our lives. An outrageous change. An orange change! From the creators of the "Outrageous Orange" theme that was extremely popular on the old forum... "Outrageous Orange II: Orange You Orange I Said Orange?"!! Anyhow, this is just temporary. Cloudflash will be blue again whenever I get around to redesigning the whole site. The forum skin, however, is a little more permanent... I was a bit late to notice that I had been overwriting the original style and image files, so I lost the old forum skin. The only known backup is on my computer, which I still can't use. I know some might not be ready for this change, but let's look on the bright side (is it ever bright!). If you're crying right now, your tears are tinted orange, and one would thusly think they taste like orange juice. Would you like some vitamin C(loudflash) with that? Ping!
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April 02, 2012 - Only fools don't like orange
Danny Poloskei Okay, so I was just messing with you guys. I didn't lose any files (this time). I realize I perhaps should not have left everything orange for 24 hours, but I couldn't be bothered to revert it back to normal sooner. Cloudflash is blue once more; however, you can still choose Outrageous Orange! Just go to user control panel > board preferences > then select Outrageous Orange as your board style.
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April 20, 2012 - vroom
Danny Poloskei Well, I'm outta here. Wish me luck.
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July 18, 2012 - A webmaster without internet
Danny Poloskei I arrived back in Canada on July 14th, but I'm afraid I have no internet to tell my tales. Due to circumstances, I'll probably have to wait around a week to get back online. To clarify my last announcement, I went to Texas to see Felicia again. I was hoping she'd come back with me, but she wasn't ready for that yet. It was pretty depressing at first since all my planning and preparation was flushed down the toilet, we'd have restrictions on things we could do and see, and it was inevitable we'd have to go back to being in different countries when I was hoping we'd never be apart again... We still enjoyed our time together, though. It's hard being away from the one who makes every day for me special, but I know she's worth waiting for.

Anyhow, no internet. This means no updates. I'm writing this from the public library right now, but I have a 1 hour time limit per day. I feel as though I probably shouldn't download/install software and access certain things here, such as banking information and Cloudflash's hosting account. When I DO have internet, I assure you good things will come. Here are some of the things I have in store:
[+] I coloured a bunch of the old black n' white C-Mix comics
[+] I remade one of the crappy old comics
[+] New topic icons
[+] New emoticons
[+] More peculiar forum messages
[+] New C-Mix
[+] And more!*

*There might not actually be more.
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July 27, 2012 - Late updates and predictions
Danny Poloskei Alright, I have internet again. Here's what's new...
[+] C-Mix #036, #045, #047, #048, #051, #054, #059, and #077 have been updated. These used to be black and white, but now they're in colour and look better. If you want to see how they used to look, just click on the comic to see the old version. Note that C-Mix #048 was not only coloured; it was completely remade. #223 has been shaded.
[+] After a long hiatus, C-Mix is finally back. I'm making no guarantees, but I'll try to keep up with it.
[+] I started working on "Cloudflash Dream Battle" again. Around a year ago, I mentioned I was hoping to have it completed in time for Cloudflash's anniversary. After failing to meet that goal, it seems like I stopped working on it. Unfortunately for myself, I'm aiming to accomplish that this year. This is one of the cruelest sentences I've ever given myself. I estimate the remainder of the project at taking approximately 108 hours, which means I have to work on the game for around 5 hours every day. In light of this news, C-Mix might face some delays (I have the next two comics made already, though). I'd say the odds of me getting this done on time would be around 30%. Here's a fancy preview image for the game.

Here are some updates regarding the forum:
[+] You can now bump topics. I don't know the exact mechanics behind it, but it seems to only be an option if the topic is a little old. I'll see if I can make topics bumpable at any age; this feature (combined with editing) should be used to replace double-posting. Bump topic abusers will have the option disabled.
[+] There are more peculiar forum messages.
[+] You can no longer use topic icons in the Requests section. Topic icons there are now being used as a filing system.
[+] TSACFAFCTTSAFAOC trophies have been handed out.
[+] New awards are available: and
[+] New post icons are available: and
[+] Just about all of the old emoticons have been removed. I've come to feel emoticons seem pretty newbish when used appropriately. They exist on every forum, but there's an unwritten law that implies that they are not to be touched unless you want to make yourself look like a complete putz. I've made and remade emoticons over the years thinking they weren't being used since they looked like crap and had no appeal; I was partially right, but still thinking inside of some cubic object constructed from cardboard or some equivalent. For someone of Yogi's intelligence or higher, emoticons are not to be taken seriously. Therefore, they should not be made for serious use. Farewell, generic yellow smilies. You will be missed.
That said, I think I'll describe some of the new emoticons. We've got the guy from C-Mix #119 and the guy from C-Mix #222 in two varieties: his smug "oh well, I guess I'll have to wash the dishes" and his "this is not what I expected". I made some minor improvements to the classic "Scream" emoticons, as well as two from the modern "Scream" set. The classic ones have finally been cleaned up, so they won't have those crappy looking white pixels on the outside. I made the modern "happy Scream" look better by making his head a little taller, but I'm thinking I won't bother with the other ones since they weren't that great. The simple "smile Scream", however, is an exception... I'll just get into one more emoticon... Seeing as I eat wraps on a daily basis, it should come as no surprise that I made a "wrap" emoticon. Not only will you, too, be able to express you wrap-related feelings, but the emoticon also teaches you how to create your very own wraps! Never again will you create a dull tasting or flimsy wrap!
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August 18, 2012 - Deja vu
Danny Poloskei Another year, another pointless anniversary post. Cloudflash is now 8 years old. It feels to me as though last year's anniversary wasn't that long ago... most likely because I barely got anything done, I suppose, and my completed works serve as a timeline in my mind. To put it another way, it feels like I wasted most of the year and hardly have anything to remember it by. One chapter of An Improved Society, six C-Mix comics, the Outrageous Orange forum skin, and those things I mentioned in my last news post.

Yet again, I tried to get "Cloudflash Dream Battle" done for this year's anniversary. While I made good progress, the bottomline is that it didn't get finished. I was hoping to have the entire game done, then I was hoping to just have some survival mode done, then I was hoping to just have the enemy AI functional for a simple training mode or whatever. I think I'd probably be able to accomplish that with another 20 hours to work on the game, but I haven't been willing to put that much spare time into the game after coming home exhausted from my recently acquired job. So, this game will be late. I dunno how late, but I assure you I intend to finish this project.

Now then... I can't very well let the day end having been emptyhanded. I'll try to make some new C-Mix and maybe something else. I may not have done much this year, but I'm still dreaming big and aiming big. Well, not really "big", but I have my own goals and projects I'm working towards reaching, such as intending to have 30 (24 new) C-Mix comics made this year! Don't let your life pass you by idling in the chatbox; set goals and accomplish them! KAIJI!!

edit: So, I made two new comics... though I skipped making one on Thursday, so you guys pretty much got scammed here. I'll try to make something tomorrow to make up for it.
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August 20, 2012 - Gray, white, and green
Danny Poloskei I didn't make something yesterday like I said I'd try to (I did, though it was irrelevant to Cloudflash), but I did make something today at the last second. I was gonna start it on Cloudflash's anniversary, actually, but making those two C-Mix comics literally took all my free time till midnight! Anyhow, introducing An Improved Society chapter 5: RevenGe! Our beloved hero, C. Rookter, finds himself in one of his most troubling situations yet. With his melancholy attitude, how will he get out of this one?
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September 22, 2012 - Do you re-mem-ber... the 22nd niiight of Sep-tem-ber?
Danny Poloskei I better make a news post for September before it's too late... Uh... I haven't done a whole lot this month due to work, or at least that's my excuse. I am quitting my job soon to focus on electrician stuff, though. I intend to practice driving to get my driver's licence, which seems to be a crucial step in my electrician quest, and I also intend to review all my electrician stuff, then I must turn my attention to finding employment. I do have another important issue that demands my attention, but I think I'll have more time to work on my projects and stuff. In case you're wondering why the hell I'm taking so long to become an electrician... Job postings expect me to have a driver's licence, driving practice was scarcely available to me after I finished my course, I avoided finding a job because I was planning to vacate soon, I went on a 3 month vacation, then I started working at the first job I could find upon returning, which leaves us where we are now.

Anyhow, as for updates... C-Mix has been a little late, but at least I've been keeping up this month. An Improved Society: RevenGe has been on a 3 week hiatus, but, realizing this, I intend to get back to it. This chapter has been a bit harder for me to write since C. Rookter hasn't been behaving in his usual way. When I began the chapter, the only thing I had planned was that the professor would come back for revenge like he vaguely swore in chapter 2. Then I also decided I didn't want C. Rookter to be in the mood to deal with something like that. Our hero may be rash at times, but I didn't think it'd be fitting for him to fight back or get serious about someone trying to kill him. Well, I'll try to work with what I've got and come to some sort of conclusion. C. Rookter's personality has always led the way before, so I'm sure it'll happen again this time.
I've been looking at some of my old projects lately and I'm becoming a little interested in some of them again. I do want to try and prioritize "Cloudflash Dream Battle" when I have the time due to the amount of progress it has, though. I did some writing for Taun Bu's story a week ago or something... He's been showing up here and there on Cloudflash for years, but just who the hell is he? Someday, I hope to show you all in comic form. I think after "Dream Battle", I'll try to focus on that way overdue third chapter of El Cacto, then probably try to do a couple of my smaller/simpler projects.
In other news, I've added 3 new awards: and
And some new emoticons:
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October 06, 2012 - Late C-Mix (how's that for a creative subject?)
Danny Poloskei It seems like every time I announce things are sailing along smoothly, progress completely comes to a halt and exponentially declines at an alarming rate a little bit... Well, last week's C-Mix is finally done and ready for you to glance at. I've been working on it a bit here and there since last week. It's getting kinda cold here (freezing point overnight, not warm during the day), which means it has also been colder in the house. I was finding it hard to draw smoothly or feel like drawing at all since my hands were cold, but the heat started up a few days ago, so things should be okay now. I have intentions of making another C-Mix before the week is up.

In other news, there's no real other news. Just some semi-new emoticons depicting an apple, a banana, and a visible minority.
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October 10, 2012 - Emoticons IV: Torment
Danny Poloskei I began resuming An Improved Society: RevenGe yesterday. I might not update it daily, but I won't let a week pass without anything new. I also made a new C-Mix yesterday, as I said I would in my last announcement. Perhaps tomorrow's won't be on time since it couldn't hurt to balance the updates out a bit... After that, I'll try to be on time (or fairly on time) again. And now for the main event!
I've added a bunch of new emoticons again. Some of them are from requests, some of them are from things I vaguely wanted to make. I trust everyone will use the new emoticons responsibly. Perhaps they will not be as popular as the previous ones since I gave them annoying codes. Thing is, I figured I might as well make you memorize something useful rather than something pointless. In our daily lives, we memorize many meaningless things. The names of celebrities, sports players, characters in TV shows; trivial information related to the aforementioned; lyrics to a song you hate, but hear on a regular basis; the codes for emoticons on the Cloudflash forum. If you're going to memorize something stupid like "giraffe" or "overlycomplicatedcode", why not make you learn how to correctly spell words in the process? So, I looked up some frequently misspelled words and chose some that have vague relevance to these emoticons (in some cases). Yes, socks are very relevant. Some of the emoticons still have pointless codes, though. Anywhosel, here are the new ones:
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October 28, 2012 - Chainlink fences are a simple addition to any background!
Danny Poloskei

Okay, I know I haven't been keeping up with my projects too well lately, but I'll try to be more serious about getting to that than I was with my last announcement. I made C-Mix #237 today to make up for... something... I've fallen so far behind it's a little confusing now. This should've been released on the 18th. I still have to make the missing C-Mix from the 25th, then I'll be all caught up. An Improved Society has also been suffering delays... I'll make a new page in a moment. My main excuse for now is that I've been working on a DFO contest entry for around a week. Since I had to draw my character, I had to reinstall DFO and decide on a character, outfit, pose, and background. This caused something unfortunate: me playing DFO for hours everyday. With my entry done, I'll try to keep the DFO playing in moderation and get back to work on some projects.

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October 31, 2012 - Mistakes are okay if you make up for them later
Danny Poloskei

Okay, I made one last C-Mix for October at the last second (there's still half an hour till midnight at the time of starting writing this). I'm caught up now on C-Mix... sorta. I'll try to make some extra ones in November to make up for some previously missed ones. In other news, I made two new emoticons: and . And now for the weather.

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December 18, 2012 - Help me, Ant-Man!
Danny Poloskei

I'm one week behind on C-Mix. I'm 6 comics away from reaching my goal of creating 30 for the year. I have less than 2 weeks left. An Improved Society: RevenGe has been on a highly uncalled for hiatus for too long. It appears my position is not a favourable one. How ever will I get things done on time?! It's somewhat hard to believe so much time has already passed. I knew it was the 18th today, but I never really stopped to think that the year is almost over. Well, I suppose I better muster up some motivation somehow and get at least this much done.

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