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This page was added on May 19, 2009.

This page has the lyrics for track 4 on the Bus Gamer OST, "Nobody Knows My Name". As far as I know, it's by Nagashima Hiroyuki since he did the music for Bus Gamer... I dunno if he did the singing/lyrics or not. These lyrics might be slightly off 'cause I really just couldn't find them anywhere. I made them by listening as closely to the song as I could. Sorta miscellaneous/out of place here on Cloudflash, but this song is leet and I thought I'd share the lyrics.

Nobody Knows My Name lyrics

I'm a raider
And I'm a traitor
I am your missin' man
I'm a stealer
I'm a petty thug
Spittin' in your plan

You won't see me
Open my effect
When I got my hand wrapped around your soft necks
Go ahead and try to
Please me if you want to
But I'm just as pleased to
Go ahead and squeeze you

Nobody knows the gate
A true masker's of the game
Nobody knows the gate
A true masker's of the game