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Hyadain lyrics
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This page was added on August 03, 2009.

Super Mario Western Show (link to original video) is a Super Mario World remix by Hyadain. This page has the English, kanji, and romaji lyrics for Super Mario Western Show.

I got the kanji lyrics from here. I got the English and romaji from here... But whoever wrote that was pretty sloppy, so I had to clean it up and change a lot. This was the first Hyadain remix I ever saw, and I thought it was pretty great... It's now my least favourite of Hyadain's works due to stupid fans ruining it. You would not believe how many crappy remakes people made. Their quality isn't necessarily bad, per se, but it's RETARDED THAT THEY ARE USING CHARACTERS FROM OTHER VIDEO GAMES OR ANIME SERIES FOR A SONG THAT ONLY WORKS WITH SUPER MARIO WORLD! They specifically say "Koopa", "Mario", "Peach", and "Luigi" in the song. That's just that. The song ONLY WORKS WITH THOSE CHARACTERS!

スーパーマリオワールドで、ウエスタンショー kanji lyrics
Super Mario Western Show English lyrics

Super Mario Western Show kanji lyrics



KY KY なぁ 空気ヨメ ゴルァ
ねぇ 男はハートで勝負

Super Mario Western Show romaji lyrics

Hey, KOOPA, kimitte sa shitsu kosugiru ze
PEACH no koto wa mou akiramena yo
Oainiku-sama sou wa ikaneette koto sa
Ore-sama koso kanojo no DESTINY
Futari-tomo ne oyame ni natte
Kagami wo yoku goran nasai
Sore wa iwaneette hanashi da ze
Datte otoko wa HEART de shoubu

Oh otsukare-san
MARIO-chan, saikin dou yo?
Mou zekkouchoussu yo, aressu
DS to WII toka bakaure de
Ii nee kawaku hima neette yatsu ka?
Iiya, yamete kudasai KOOPA-san
Ah, niban hajimarimasu

MY SWEETEST PEACH GIRL, aishiteru n da ze
Wakaranakerya mata rachi*kankin
Inochi kakete ubaikaesu kedo
Kimi no kokoro wa ubaenai no
Futari tomo iikagen ni shite
Dare ni kuchi wo kiiteru no?
Tsundere na toko mo miryoku-teki
Sou otoko wa HEART de shoubu

Suki sa suki sa suki sa
Suki sa daisuki da

Chotto matte ohitori owasure ja nai desu ka?
LUIGI sanjou, o*ma*ta*se
E nani nani nani gomen gomen gomen
K! Y! K! Y! Naa kuuki yome gorua
Cho zuiteru to maji fumitsubusu zo
Kinoko yarou wa hitori de kekkou
Baka no kuse ni namaiki ne
LOOKS dake wa chuu no ke dakedo
Ne otoko wa HEART de shoubu
Otoko wa HEART de shoubu
Otoko wa kao de shoubu

Ah, yatto owatta
Tsukkaremashita ne
Dou yo kore kara ippai iku ka?
Ah, sumimasen, kyou chotto are gakore de kou nande
Ah, sakan da nee, kondo shoukai shite yo
Cho-cho-cho, kore MAIKU kiretenaissu yo?
Ee maji de? Yabu ze!

Super Mario Western Show English lyrics

Hey, Koopa, you're such a stubborn fellow
Why don't you give up on Peach?
Well, I regret to inform you that's unacceptable
It's her destiny to be with me
Won't the two of you stop it?
Just look in the mirror!
Well, you don't have to say such a thing...
Men compete with their heart!

Nice job
Ah, nice job
Mario, how are things lately?
Doing excellent, you know
The DS and Wii stuff is all sold out
Isn't that nice? No time to slow down
Oh, cut it out, Koopa
Ah, second verse is starting

My sweetest Peach girl, I'm in love with you
If you can't understand that, I'll have to kidnap and seal you away again
I'll steal you back risking my life
But I can't steal your heart
Cut it out, both of you
Are you listening to me at all?
The tsundere in you is also charming
That's right, men compete with their heart!

I love you I love you I love you
Love you love you a lot

Wait a minute! Aren't you forgetting someone?
Luigi, entering the stage! Thanks for waiting~!
Wait? What? Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
K! Y! K! Y! Try to understand the atmosphere here
If you get carried away I'll really kick the hell outta you!
One mushroom eater is enough for me
Quite insolent for a stand-in
By looks we'd only pass medium/low class
Well, men compete with their heart
Men compete with their heart
Men compete with their face

Ah, it's finally over
I'm exhausted
So let's get the night life rolling
Ah, sorry, I've got this and that for today
Ah, you fiend, introduce her to me next time
Wait, wait, is the mic still on?
Is it? My bad!