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Crono vs. Kirby by Danny Poloskei
A battle between Crono and Kirby at the Guardia Millenial Fair. Four endings to choose from!

The Rakers 1 to 3 by Danny Poloskei
First three episodes of "The Rakers".

Cecil vs. Kain by Danny Poloskei
Kain challenges Cecil! A battle between two Final Fantasy 4 characters

Lambada Ranma by Danny Poloskei
The fourth ending to the Ranma 1/2 series, lyrics included.

Incidents by Danny Poloskei
Many incidents, mostly performed by stick men. Started out as my project, then a few other members of Cloudflash hopped in!

Rad's Problem byDanny Poloskei
A strange animation I created one day. It's about a crazy kid.

Kung Fu by Danny Poloskei
A sprite battle between Thomas and Mr. X with Kung Fu action and dancing!

My Radio by Skutieos
This person has only one friend, his radio.

Mario Bloopers by Mr. I
Mario has 4 bloopers to show us! Awww, Weird mario ;)

The Robbery Attempt by Skutieos, Penguinlink
A funny movie about what might happen during a robbery.

Evil Overlord I by Adam McInnis - Funeral Pyre Productions
We see the very beginning of the Evil Overlord and his plot to take over the world.

Evil Overlord II by Adam McInnis - Funeral Pyre Productions
Enter the hero, and his heroic attempt to foil the Overlord once and for all.

Evil Overlord III by Adam McInnis - Funeral Pyre Productions
We find out what the Evil Overlord has up his sleeve for his dastardly plot.

Evil Overlord IV by Adam McInnis - Funeral Pyre Productions
The hero makes an attempt to corral the townspeople into helping him.

Dave the Duck by Skutieos
Dave is a duck, and Dave is pretty fond of candy.

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