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openCanvas Gallery

openCanvas is art software designed to work with tablets. It was apparently free up until version 1.1 b72, so I assume it's acceptable for me to distribute older versions... I use version 1.1 b68; you can download it here (if this is not allowed, I will halt distribution if contacted). You don't have to install it or anything; the executable file alone is all you need. To set it to English, go to the Help menu (far right) and choose "English".
openCanvas seems pretty basic at first, but it has some interesting features. The best being that you can connect and draw with other people online! To do that, follow these instructions:
1. Download Hamachi and install it as non-commercial (legally free if you aren't using it in a company or something).
2. Join your friend's Hamachi network or create your own and get them to join yours.
3. Run openCanvas, go to Network>Show NetworkWindow.
4. If you're the host, go to the Server tab; enter a nickname and password and stand by. Go to Client if you're connecting to your friend. Enter your friend's Hamachi IP (it shows in your Hamachi network), your own nickname, the password your friend set (if any), and press that weird U'+ button.
5. The host can change the number of layers and other details in the Network Preference tab before standing by. Also, you might need to allow Hamachi and openCanvas with your firewall if you're having problems.

Another neat feature is that you can replay your art with the .wpe file you get when you finish networking (File>Import event file). Oh, and click the images on this page if you want to see the original size.

Samurai girl by Danny Poloskei
Jan.08/11: I wanted to draw the "blind swordsman" in some fancy blue robe, but I couldn't decide on a pose. I eventually decided it would be more fun to draw a girl, so I went with that. I wanted a sort of exaggerated stance with the legs, upper body kinda slouching back slightly, and one arm raised with the sheath. The slouch became less evident with clothes... Wasn't sure what to do with the other arm, so I did what I did. I didn't feel like lowering the arm with the sheath to make it as if she was drawing the sword, so I guess with this pose it's sorta like she also uses the sheath as a weapon. Picked some colours, tossed in a forested background, put some kind of pattern on her robe... I partially erased the outline to make it lighter. Hiding the outline layers made it almost look like a painting, but roughly made and full of holes, so I went with the middlegrounds. The end.

Ayane by Danny Poloskei
Jun.24/10: Planning to make a game featuring popular people in the Flash community, some lesser known people I personally like/respect, and original characters designed by these people. I contacted KNanakase about how his character might look since I quite enjoyed his "ludas animans" series and wanted to include him in my game, but had no idea how to make him look. He described and drew two original characters of his for reference - one named Nanakase and one named Ayane. Anyhow, I felt the need to draw and colour his character Ayane in my style.

She was originally gonna be running, then I decided maybe leaping down from a tree, then I tossed her in the sky since I didn't feel like drawing a forest. I was later informed that her name is actually Mutsumi - KNanakase changed her name ages ago when he was developing the character, but he didn't remember right away since he apparently hasn't worked on that project for quite a long time.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen by Danny Poloskei
Jan.30/10: Sorcerous Stabber Orphen, a man among my favourite anime characters (if not my absolute favourite). I drew him entirely from memory this time (no reference pictures)... So some things are off. His pose is also pretty awkward. I originally just wanted to practise "having a hand on the hip", and then I also wanted to practise "having a hand in the pocket". To make things worse, I ended up making his right leg lifted a bit... he isn't really walking, though. I'm just really not sure what this mess is overall. Otherwise, I think things turned out pretty good.

Morose Brocarte by Danny Poloskei
Jan.29/10: Morose Brocarte, the main character of Final World Quest. I originally forgot both of the black things he has wrapped on his legs, but I included one... I didn't want to bother with the one on his left thigh; I thought he looked fine as is. Looking back at the latest Final World Quest page (page 33), I think I've improved a lot.

Jan.27/10: ダメ ... Japanese for "no good". Well, the picture seems pretty decent to me. I think I was trying to give him eyes like Orphen's, but it ended up different.

hisho srs
Jan.26/10: No reference pictures used... I copied a picture of Goku years ago, and stuff from that's stuck to me to this day, so I applied some of that here. This sorta looks like Gohan, but it isn't really intended to be. He was supposed to be holding his stomach, but I screwed that up.

InuYasha by Danny Poloskei
Jan.23/10: InuYasha... I had to look at some pictures of him quickly to remember what his clothes were like, but it was otherwise just drawn from my head. I didn't know what to put under his foot, so I ended up leaving nothing there. Something about the ears seems off... I might add to and colour this picture someday.

Sorcerous Stabber Orphen by Danny Poloskei
Jan.20/10: Using some reference pictures for his face, hair, and general appearance, I came up with this picture of Orphen... I'd never drawn hair like this before, so it was sorta interesting to learn about it. I was planning to colour it, but never ended up doing so.

Deneb Rhode from Tactics Ogre/Battle
Jan.19/10: It really does shock me that it's so hard to find pictures of this witch... I figured I might as well draw her with the daily drawings I was doing. I was practising chibi at the time... so it's chibi.

Chibi Squall Leonhart from FF8
Jan.18/10: Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy 8... in chibi form! Having little to no experience with drawing chibi style, I figured I'd practise it a bit.

Taun Bu by Danny Poloskei
Jan.17/10: Perhaps a bit too bulky to be the Taun Bu we've known since Supernatural Fighters. His clothes are a bit different than how we've seen him up till now; I intend to have him change clothes frequently, but he'll always wear that blue bandana and green sash. Something about the way I drew him reminds me of Yamcha from Dragon Ball...

Injured Gakuran Guy by Danny Poloskei
Jan.14/10: Broken ribs? Shot, perhaps? This injured gakuran guy seems to be facing some rough times... and that's about it. He sorta reminds me of Will from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. The fifth of the daily drawings I was doing in January 2010.

Kenshiro by Danny Poloskei
Jan.13/10: I took some quick peeks at reference pictures, but it was mostly drawn from my memory of how Kenshiro looks (he's from "Hokuto no Ken", AKA "Fist of the North Star"). He was supposed to be cracking his knuckles, but it turned into a headlock pose.

Octopus (Game & Watch) by Danny Poloskei
Aug.03/09: I drew water, I drew a squid... I drew a Game & Watch style rope, Game & Watch scuba guy... Next thing I knew, I'd recreated a scene from the Game & Watch classic Octopus. Maybe not perfectly since I haven't played it for a long time, but you know. I ended up changing the octopus a bit, making it look... In my friend's words, "sinister".

Crono from Chrono Trigger by Danny Poloskei
Aug.03/09: Well... It's Crono from Chrono Trigger. I was drawing in openCanvas with a friend and didn't know what to draw. I had no pose in mind or whatever, so it's not very exciting...