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In general, all of my (Danny Poloskei's) games and animations are intended for and only allowed to be on newgrounds.com and cloudflash.net, and my webcomics are only for cloudflash.net. If my work is on any other website, the website owner or person who uploaded my content to the website is breaking copyright laws. However, here is a list of websites that have my permission to display certain content. Persons or websites with permission to display content do NOT have permission to rent, sell, distribute, or edit any of my work unless stated otherwise here. Persons or websites that display my work must make it clear that Danny Poloskei created the content, and a link back to cloudflash.net would be appreciated. Permission must be acquired first before displaying my content, though.

I submitted some of my Cloudflash Mix comics to the comic art gallery on www.gaiaonline.com under the name "Zantetsken".
I submitted some of my Flash movies to YouTube under the names "Zantetsken" and "CloudflashNet".

www.flashninjaclan.com has permission to display "Copy Ninja vs. Copyright".

www.dream-manga.co.nr has permission to display "Our Precious Song" and distribute it wherever it displays the rest of the June 2010 manga issue.

www.spritecomics.de has permission to display my sprite movies, "Crono vs Kirby", "Cecil vs Kain", and "Kung Fu".