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Privacy Policy

Cloudflash administrators and/or moderators will hereafter be referred to as "we", "us", "our", "administrators", "moderators", "Cloudflash", etc.

Cloudflash will never rent, sell, or give out any private information or content you submit to us without receiving your permission first unless required by law. By submitting content containing your name and/or other personal information you are acknowledging the fact that people around the internet can in fact see this information and you are OK with it.

We cannot see your password on the Cloudflash forum, and will never ask for it for any reason. We are unable to retrieve it if lost, but we can assign you a new password if necessary. We are also incapable of viewing your private messages.

We recommend you don't give out any personal information you are uncomfortable sharing.

Cloudflash does not and never will contain spyware, tracking cookies, or other methods of collecting personal data by downloading things to your computer.

We are capable of viewing the email address, birthdate, and online status in your forum profile even if you choose to hide any of those things. We are capable of viewing your IP address on the forum, which can be looked up to find your internet service provider (ISP); this data will likely reveal your ISP's country, state/province, city, and other information related to your ISP. In most cases, your ISP is in the same city you're in, meaning we are capable of viewing your location.