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Hello, and welcome to Cloudflash. Typical activities include watching the clouds float by, sleeping, and exchanging the tokens of dairy products for things that may or may not amuse you.

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August 18, 2019 - 15 years old(er)
Danny Poloskei

When I started Cloudflash in 2004, I was 15 years old. It was just 5 years prior to that when I discovered the joys of the internet - using dialup unsupervised, typing in random URLs just to see if they exist, in constant search of cool sites with free games, chatrooms, and cheat codes. While I was at it, I also kept my eyes open for "free website makers" so that I could make my own website and be part of this wonderful world wide web. When I was 14 or 15, I learned how to type fast and make basic webpages in HTML as part of my high school education. Computers and the internet had also evolved greatly since my first time online - the timing was perfect for me to start up Cloudflash in a small, dark corner of the internet.

Anyway, 15 years later, Cloudflash is still a thing. It's been part of me for half of my life to date (yes, I'm 30). I scrapped and removed many of my projects throughout the year due to lack of entertainment value, but their sacrifices have allowed me to improve my abilities and this website. Cloudflash might've never reached the quantity of "cool stuff" or the popularity I imagined it could back when I started it, but I'm still happy with it for what it is.

This year, I've got 4 new Cloudflash Mix comics and a 34 page head start on a new chapter of An Improved Society. I'll update An Improved Society: Reversal casually, I suppose, since I'm not really in a good position to be making guarantees!

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July 13, 2019 - Another quiet year
Danny Poloskei

Well, things never seem to go exactly as planned. Fixing up my trashed property has been a disaster. It's been draining my energy and eating up all my free time for the past few months. A month or two ago, it was at a point where it seemed like the most troublesome parts were over and that it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the job, but everything ended up taking way longer than it ever should have. I haven't had time to make art, play games, spend time with my wife, or properly look after myself. My job has involved repetitive motions on my wrist all day, every day, causing my wrist to be in pain even when I'm not using it; however, I haven't been able to take any time to try and treat it or do exercises to strengthen it.

I'm hoping things will change soon. Maybe another week or two will be enough for my trashed property, but I dunno, it just keeps dragging on and on forever. I really want to have time to make art again, though there might end up being some delays due to my wrist's condition. Well, despite that, I did draw a bit this past week; I started preparing some new things to post on Cloudflash's anniversary in August. So, I mean, it's possible for me to draw; doing so is good for my mind, which has been deprived of creative joy for so long. My wrist doesn't really appreciate it, though.

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