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Attempting a Redesign

by Danno on November 30, 2019

Cloudflash's hosting was set to expire on December 1st, so I finally decided to switch to a cheaper host. That being the case, I'd have to transfer all the files over to the new host for Cloudflash to function. Anyway, I figured instead of transferring thousands of files, I'd take this opportunity to redesign the site and clean things up in the backend. Cloudflash is now much cleaner and no longer has its embarrassing 2007-made appearance! I didn't have time to get everything up and running by the big move's deadline, so I'll just add things in gradually until the site is fully restored. For now, I at least made all the comics function properly, though I'll still be tweaking things to improve it throughout the coming weeks (hopefully). Please excuse the glitches and illegible font colours throughout the site.

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