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Cloudflash Admin Danno

Reverse Spam Calls

by Danno on January 17, 2021

My ol' pal infinity_nan has been getting lots of calls from telemarketers lately and has taken to turning the tables on them by wasting their time. He shared his calls with me, I laughed, I thought they should be shared with the world and decided to animate them. Well, I've animated one so far and don't know if I'll do more, but I very well might! I haphazardly stuck it in the Videos section (I'll sort it out better later), so go check it out there.

In other Cloudflash news, weekly C-Mix updates have been going strong so far. I still have a long way to go with changing the blue comic borders to white. Sadly, the font I used on my old computer isn't exactly the same on my current one; if I edit old comics, none of the text properly fits the speech bubbles, so it takes a little work to fix it. I'll get around to it sometime.

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