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Many comics on this website are not safe for work due to obscene language, depictions of violence, and inappropriate commentary on sensitive subjects. It's generally tame by internet standards, but some professionals might not be too impressed. You have been warned!

Status: Ongoing
329 pages

These comics attempt to take a humourous approach to common sayings, video games, traditions, pop culture, trending news, and things I encounter in my daily life.
Status: Hiatus
49 pages

World War II's true weapon of mass destruction is finally revealed. Hide the children!
Status: Finished
20 pages

Started as a rude parody of my friend's work, this comic evolved into its own entity. Note that it isn't actually based on a true story or anything remotely tied to reality.

Status: Finished
18 pages

The chilling tale of C. Rookter's famous dilemma regarding chocolate cake. Just how did C. Rookter come to make his decision?
Status: Finished
27 pages

C. Rookter acquires a pet dog. What mischief will he and his new best friend get into?!
Status: Finished
41 pages

C. Rookter ties up some loose ends with society.

Status: Finished
48 pages

Having been through a lot, C. Rookter has changed; his once reckless self becomes sad and passive. However, with the new challenges he must face, this is not the time for that!
Status: Hiatus
34+ pages

Prior to the events of RevenGe, C. Rookter builds a time machine. With all of human history at his disposal, will C. Rookter's adventures cause society to improve -- or face catastrophe?
Status: Hiatus
33 pages

Set in the distant future of a medieval fantasy world, the story tells of a hero named Morose, who sets out on a quest to save the world along with Butch and other allies.

Status: Finished
24 pages

Comedy of the Dwarfs mostly focuses on daily conversations between two or more characters aiming for a funny or/and random ending. The product of one man's imagination.
Status: Finished
2 pages

A simple collection of comic strips by Corey Ruecker (hence the name Rueck Book Comics).

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