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Have you found yourself feeling the need to contact the guy who made Cloudflash? If you're not sure, consult this list of potential reasons!

  • You want to report an error or provide some criticism about Cloudflash.
  • You want to say something nice about Cloudflash!
  • You have a question about Cloudflash's former or present content.
  • You want to pay Danno to make art for you.
  • You want to let Danno know you enjoy a certain project and you want to see updates.

There are many ways to contact Danno. Any likes/follows/shares to help spread the word is appreciated!

For your viewing pleasure, here's a list of generic questions and answers.

Can I share your comics or other work on social media, messengers, or other forums?

Yes, you can!

I would prefer if you share the direct link to the page on Cloudflash or credit the content as coming from Please don't alter my work in any way (such as removing my name).

Can I steal your work and post it on my website?

Please don't!

For the true Cloudflash experience, please point people to instead. I may update projects from time to time, so viewers can only be sure they're seeing the latest content if they're seeing it right here on Also, it sucks to not get recognition for my work or for someone else to make money from ads while I get nothing.

How much do you charge for art commissions?

It depends on the complexity of the commission and what my availability is like. You'd have to actually contact me to get a closer estimate.

If I pay you to do art, will you draw anything?!

I won't draw anything expressly sexual in nature. My ability to draw in certain styles or draw certain subjects may also be limited. Basically, it might not be the best idea to ask me to draw something I haven't drawn before.

How do I know if you haven't drawn something before?

You can probably tell from my Artwork or Comics. I usually just draw human characters, video game characters, and nature. There may be the rare animal mixed in.

Why do you call yourself "Danno"?

In 2005, I once tried to make a character in a game named "Danny", but it wasn't available. I tried "Danno", it worked, and that's been my online name ever since.

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