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Developed by Foolish Mortals, Kaiju Wars is a turn-based strategy game where you hurl your army at a giant monster (kaiju) in hopes of slowing it down long enough to clear the stage. If you play your cards right, you can even temporarily defeat the monster(s)!

The gameplay in Kaiju Wars has some similarities to Advance Wars: you gain funding each turn based on how many properties you have, which can be used to buy new units, such as tanks and fighter jets. When it's your turn, you can move and/or attack with each of your units. Some units are suited for aerial combat, some are suited for the ground, and some are capable of doing both! There are other considerations when playing, like prioritizing which units to buy, finding a good path to the kaiju despite the terrain, or setting up a blockade to slow the kaiju down. The game has its own unique elements, as well, including the need to have your head scientist evacuate the lab when in danger, planning for a kaiju's special attack, and utilizing a card-based system that can help you change the flow of the battle.

Note that this project is currently under development and anything shown or written on this page isn't necessarily an accurate reflection of the final product.

Project Role

I was scouted for the project after I posted some Advance Wars fan art! I often feel guilty about drawing fan art for fun instead of working on my projects, but I guess it led to something positive for a change. I played a minor role in this project, but I'm proud to be a part of it nonetheless! For the most part, I was assigned to make some art for the card system I mentioned earlier. It's not a card battling system or anything too complex; it's more akin to picking up a "Community Chest" card in Monopoly - that is, the cards generally give you a little bonus to help you on your way. 3 cards are dealt to you at the start of your turn and you can use 1 card per turn. Eventually, your deck runs out of cards, so you have to try to use them wisely. The enemy also has their own deck of cards with 1 card selected at the start of their turn. The screenshot below shows the enemy playing the "Black Ops" card, which is one of the cards I drew! There's a cool distortion effect when the enemy card is played.

Kaiju Wars Black Ops card and distortion
Miscellaneous Thoughts

As you progress through the game, a team of ace units is eventually introduced. They're similar to normal units except you can spend unlocked points to upgrade their stats. For added fun, you can also assign a name to each of them! Naming them after your friends or acquaintances is a pretty safe bet. I named my ace bomber "Cloudflash" for the hell of it. A suitable codename or whatever, isn't it?

Kaiju Wars customized units

The isometric viewpoint and crazy colours give the game a rather stylish look. There are nice little details scattered throughout, such as speech boxes appearing above units/buildings that adds to the atmosphere. These speech boxes and other character dialogue have a decent sense of humour to boot. The music is enjoyable and memorable (I had the title theme stuck in my head for quite a while). Below is a full screenshot from the game that shows one of my drawings for the "Military Surge" card!

Kaiju Wars full screenshot - Wind and Wave
A Closer Look

Here's a closer look at some of the drawings I made for this project!

Kaiju Wars Kaiju Wars
Check It Out!

Kaiju Wars has a free demo available on Steam! The full game isn't released yet, but it probably will be sometime this year (2022).

Last revised: February 12, 2022

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