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Advance Wars Collage ft. Eagle, Grit, Sami, Hawke, Sasha, Andy, Sonja

Advance Wars Collage ft. Eagle, Grit, Sami, Hawke, Sasha, Andy, Sonja by Danny Poloskei

Created by Danny Poloskei on 2021-07-31
Medium: Paint Tool SAI

Inspired by free shipping on a custom t-shirt printing website, I started drawing this one on July 6th. I've printed gaming shirts before and figured and Advance Wars shirt would be nice considering Re-Boot Camp being released later this year.

Anyway, I started with Eagle since he was my favourite CO when I played Advance Wars 2 as a kid. I recycled my Sami drawing (including the background) because why not? I was actually thinking of printing my Sami drawing originally, but it seemed underwhelming for a shirt. My other game drawings were also candidates, but I felt like none of them were good for a shirt since the characters weren't shown from a good perspective.

So, we had Sami and Eagle to start. I added Grit, who managed to replace Eagle as my favourite CO many years ago. What's not to like about his comedic dialogue and spamming ranged units? It seems Re-Boot Camp is giving him his cowboy hat from the Japanese Advance Wars games. I opted to stick with his American outfit since that's what I grew up with. A lot of the Japanese CO outfits are bizarre and seem out of place to me, anyway; I think the localized versions were spot on.

I decided to put Hawke at the top as the Black Hole representative since he's their coolest member and practically their leader. Sturm and Von Bolt look a little silly. I've never made a drawing like this before, I'm not sure if there's a name for it. Words like 'character tower' and 'collage' pop into my mind; that's as close as I can get to describing it. I filled it in with a few more characters so it wouldn't look so empty. Andy seemed like an obvious choice since he's the face of Advance Wars. I wanted more female representation, so I added Sasha. I wanted a Yellow Comet representative, as well; I was thinking either Kanbei or Sonja. I ended up going with Sonja to balance out the male-female ratio a little more.

Well, so that seemed like enough characters. I did most of the line art on July 6th and 8th, then I didn't touch the drawing again until the 29th. Cutting it pretty close to put it on a shirt since the free shipping was only for the month of July! I went at it hard and got it done in time. I recycled the background from my Sami drawing since it seemed usable enough. I originally had the Advance Wars logo at the bottom, but didn't feel good about including it since it isn't my work. So, I made my own Advance Wars imitation logo. It was a mildly interesting experience, though a bit tedious. It took an hour just for that!

Time taken: 12 hours and 0 minutes (not including the drawing of Sami and the background, which originally clocked 6 hours and 35 minutes).

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