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Damaged Gohan (Hisho Gets Srs)

SSJ Gohan launched into a mountain by Danny Poloskei

Created by Danny Poloskei on 2010-01-26
Medium: openCanvas

No reference pictures used... I copied a picture of Goku years ago, and stuff from that's stuck to me to this day, so I applied some of that here. This sorta looks like Gohan, but it isn't really intended to be. He was supposed to be holding his stomach, but I screwed that up. I joked around with Hisho about how DBZ battles go - one fighter will get a big combo on the other guy, blast him with some energy beams, and kick him into a mountain in the distance, causing the mountain to crumble apart into an avalanche burying the fighter. You know, normally enough to kill a person, but then they emerge from the rubble with a few scratches and decide to get serious. Drawn as part of my daily practice in January 2010.

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