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FE:SoV - Palla Riding Pegasus

Palla riding a pegasus (character from Fire Emblem 15: Shadows of Valentia, also known as one of the three Pegasus Sisters) by Danny Poloskei

Created by Danny Poloskei on 2020-12-31
Medium: Paint Tool SAI

This is Palla from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, or FE15 as some would call it. I don't really keep up with the numbering, though. She appears to be in a few Fire Emblem games as a pegasus knight. Shadows of Valentia has some nice artwork, which inspired me to try drawing some characters from the game to get ideas on armour design and such. Anyway, I only got as far as drawing this single character so far, and it sure was a struggle! I started drawing it March 31, 2020, then had several lengthy periods of time where I didn't work on it at all. I wanted to finish it up before the year ended, so I powered through it with the remaining few days of the year. I customized her appearance a bit, stealing a little bit of armour from her sister, Catria, and adding a bit more chainmail, among other minor variances. I don't draw animals often, so the pegasus was a learning experience. I don't remember exactly where the pegasus armour design came from, I think it was a mish-mash of how they look in Shadows of Valentia and Three Houses. Long story short, it took way too long to finish this, but here's Palla riding a pegasus. As far as the image's dimensions are concerned, this is the biggest drawing I've ever made, so you'll have to embiggen it to get the full experience. It's 4k resolution, so it fits modern computer monitors as a wallpaper.

Time taken: 24 hours 15 minutes.

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