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Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man (with rainbow guts)

Chainsaw Man (with rainbow guts) by Danny Poloskei

Created by Danny Poloskei on 2021-02-27
Medium: Paint Tool SAI

A drawing I made of the main character from Chainsaw Man. I just kinda wanted to draw him since he's a fun and cool character. It wasn't until I started drawing that I realized he only took on this 'full chainsaw' form close to the end of the story. I didn't want to settle for his mostly-human form, so I looked around a little for reference pictures for this one and didn't have much luck. The original art often has him drawn very dark or with details otherwise obscured. I didn't want to spend the time reading through several chapters to find a reference picture, so I improvised a bit. Anyway, I tossed in some rainbow guts all over the picture to make it sorta like the official colour pages. The drawing is a little sloppy overall; all those details would take way too long! I hope the anime is faithful to the manga and eagerly await Chainsaw Man's sequel. Time taken: 6 hours 15 minutes.

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