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Advance Wars - Eagle (Green Earth) vs Hawke (Black Hole) by Danny Poloskei

Created by Danny Poloskei on 2021-07-09
Medium: Paint Tool SAI

I felt like drawing Advance Wars characters since I was still hyped for Advance Wars: Re-Boot Camp. I wanted to draw Eagle since he was one of my favourite COs when I played the original games.

I don't exactly remember why the drawing ended up being this way. I think I was looking up a picture of Eagle for reference, came across the Advance Wars wiki, then I saw that Eagle and Hawke specifically have really bad compatibility for tag powers in Dual Strike. So, somehow we ended up with Eagle pointing a gun at Hawke, who is too smug to be bothered by it. I littered the drawing with some black static/aura to represent Hawke's black wave/black storm power.

I wanted to draw a background rather than leave it blank. I wasn't sure what to do. Under what circumstances would the two meet face to face? I guess Eagle is raiding some sort of weapons fortress or control centre. I tossed in some electrical panels and pipe since it's easy, added in a desk with some controls, then the rest just sorta fell into place. I made the controls look like it's for a game since that's probably the way Lash would design it based on her personality.

Time taken: 6 hours and 10 minutes.

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