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If you wish to contact me, Cloudflash Administrator Danny Poloskei, send an email to danny.poloskei@gmail.com. I will try to respond to your sent message(s) as soon as possible.


If you wish to affiliate with Cloudflash, email me with an appropriate subject (such as "Affiliation"). In your affiliation email, please be sure to include your website's URL, the URL of your minibanner, and your website's name. Since we will be exchanging links, I will expect to see a link to Cloudflash using one of Cloudflash's minibanners on your website. You may choose to use any of Cloudflash's minibanners below.

(URL: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y293/Cloudflash/MiniBanners/AffiliateCF02.gif)

(URL: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y293/Cloudflash/MiniBanners/AffiliateCF03.gif)

(URL: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y293/Cloudflash/MiniBanners/AffiliateCF04.gif)

I may stop linking to your site with or without notice if any of the following conditions are met:
-Your website is extremely inactive/dead (i.e. no updates for a long time).
-Your website no longer exists.
-Your website contains stolen content that was not meant to be distributed (i.e. you don't have the original creator's permission and the original creator did not say "anyone can put this on their website").

-Do not expect your minibanner to be shown on every page; I can only assure you that I'll link to your site from the [View All] affiliates page.
-I typically decide which minibanners appear on every page based on their page rank, but there are still no guarantees.
-I typically try to avoid exchanging links with sites that have no relevance to Cloudflash; I prefer to link to sites related to Flash games, Flash movies, webcomics, and art. Above all, I prefer to link to sites with original content.

Stolen Content

If you find out that any of the content on Cloudflash is stolen, please email me with an appropriate subject (such as "Stolen Content"). In your report, please be sure to include link(s) to where the content originates.


If you wish to have something from Cloudflash on your own website, then email me with an appropriate subject, and do not use the content until you have permission to use it. If I do not own the content, you must attempt to contact the original creator; I cannot give you permission to use something that I do not own. I have every right to deny your request to use my content, and if you use my content without my permission you will be breaking copyright laws.
If you have any other general questions, comments, suggestions, or other things to say to me, either post your concerns on the Cloudflash Forum or email me.