hisho's portfolio

irl name: hisho hiro steel
hobbes: calvin

gr8test arts made by me: link link link

boku wa INDEPENDENT FLASH ANIMATOR and as u can see i no how to speak in jap da ze
<<>>English translation: I am a very studious congergearant hard working animatigator and I have been heavily indulged in Japanese culture since I wasn't even born because my otou-san was in Japan before I think. I also think Danno is a stalker since he remembers that probably??? to omoimasu... .. . . !

RE SU ME' 2011
name: _______
address: ontario
#: 911 lol
2oo5~2oo9 december 31.. -won second prize in animation contest would've got first if my partner wasn't a little faggot uncooperative shit useless moron
-might have had a job altho im a little ambiguous of whether I'm agey o rnot
2011 -beat danno in DFO art contest people's choice 2011

-available upon request maybe

cropyright 2001 HISH productions