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Cloudflash Admin Danno

Return of the Forum

by Danno on April 08, 2020

Well, I finally revived the forum. I figured I should upgrade it to the latest version of phpBB since it'd have to be redesigned to match the site, anyway. It took a while 'cause it was a bit of a hassle to save all the old user accounts and posts. Everything's been restored, so our old members can enjoy cringing out to their archived posts from 10 years ago. Meanwhile, new accounts will see a wasteland of a forum with practically zero posts on it! I forgot to make a backup of some files before the big move, so we lost all our old attachments and most of our avatars.

We don't have a chatbox at the moment, but I'll see if I can get one up and running again. Other than that, I guess the forum is open for business. I'll update the hideous default graphics as we go along.

Cloudflash Admin Danno

Forum Updates

by Danno on July 18, 2020

I sure took my sweet time, but I finally updated the forum to kinda match the rest of the website. There's still work to be done on that front, but at least it looks a little more presentable now! I also made a new C-Mix yesterday. It's been a while, haven't made one since Cloudflash's anniversary last year. Speaking of which, that's coming up again kinda soon, so you can probably expect at least a couple more comics when that time comes. Hopefully I'll keep working on updates, I do hate to see my website in such a bare state!

Cloudflash Admin Danno

Re:Spite Down / Artwork Added

by Danno on August 09, 2020

Re:Spite is temporarily redirecting to Cloudflash while I sort out a little Re:Spite problem. I'm hoping to get it to go back to the proper Re:Spite website tomorrow! Anyway, just wanted to let the masses know in case they wound up at Cloudflash and wondered what's going on.

Over the past week or two, I finally created the Artwork section. Well, it's still a work in progress, but at least it's possible to view some of my art now. A good portion of it (36%) of the art is from Re:Spite! I suppose over the past 4 years, that's been mostly all I've been drawing. Perhaps it was around 2010 when my artistic abilities transitioned from "serviceable" to "pretty good", then to "something people could actually like" in 2012. Anyway, so I guess that explains why a lot of it is Re:Spite-based.

Cloudflash Admin Danno

Now It's 16 Years

by Danno on August 18, 2020

Well, Cloudflash is now 16 years old. I made 2 new C-Mix comics to celebrate. It hasn't been a terrible year, has it? Sure, I've only made 3 new comics so far this year, but at least they were kinda bigger than normal. I made some decent progress on the redesign, too, so that should count for something! I've been busy working on my house, get off my back. Okay, fine, it's been a terrible year. Are you happy now?!

Cloudflash Admin Danno

Cloudflash History n' Stuff

by Danno on October 10, 2020

I've been quietly updating a few things lately. I've finally replaced my placeholder avatar with a new one - I've been using the placeholder since starting this redesign in November 2019. Ah, it's nice to have a more full avatar not encased in a little box. I updated the site navigation font to look nicer and be more clickable. Various fonts on the forum have been updated to be more readable or consistent with the rest of the site, though I still have work to do on that front. I got rid of the old "red sword" favicon for the site, opting for a big ol' "C" instead.

A couple of comics have been ninja edited. One such comic is #26, "Food Items"; the RPG menus originally had black borders and black text, but I changed them to white to more accurately reflect real RPGs. #95, "Giant Woman", has also been updated a little. The giant was originally naked (in an undetailed way), but that was just me being pretentious in 2009. Back in those days, PBF Comics was still new and exciting to me. PBF had non-descript characters drawn nude, so I imitated them. Anyway, I felt a little embarrassed about that, as well as the poorly drawn body proportions/pose, so I changed it. I improved the backgrounds slightly while I was at it. I intend to update a few more old comics at some point when I have some time.

Lastly, I brought back Cloudflash's history/news post archives! There used to be a "History" button as part of the site's main navigation, but I decided to tuck it away in the Misc section, back from whence it came! The old History pages used to use the exact code from old versions of Cloudflash, regardless of how messy it looked. There was also a ton of broken links to old Photobucket accounts and such. I didn't want to have sloppy/obsolete code on my pages, so I updated them to fit the modern layout. For some general amusement and to spice the page up a bit, I faithfully recreated old versions of Cloudflash using my old files, took a screenshot, and included the screenshots on the History page. As I went through every old news post, I also fixed up the dead links (so when an update post referenced a comic, I pointed it to the new URL). It took quite a while to get through Cloudflash's archives, especially when I used to make announcements multiple times per month in the 2000s! Well, anyway, it's done now.

Cloudflash Admin Danno

More Art, New C-Mix

by Danno on November 06, 2020

All this 2020 US presidential election suspense gave me a comic idea, so there it is: one brand new Cloudflash Mix comic for your viewing pleasure. I also added more stuff to the Artwork section - mostly non-digital drawings created with the use of paper and a pen or pencil. They're not great drawings, but I wanted to include them to show how I've improved over the years. Well, enjoy (if you dare!).

Cloudflash Admin Danno

Updating Old Comics

by Danno on November 08, 2020

Well, I edited a bunch of old Cloudflash Mix comics. There were just a few little things that had been bothering me throughout the years, such as lazy backgrounds and poor anatomy. Anyway, here's a list of the minor changes:

  • #75 Street Fighters - First panel had a lazy non-background originally. I gave it a real background. Redid the shading and added some small details.
  • #78 Scratch n' Sniff - Another non-background in the first panel has been upgraded to a real background. Redid the shading.
  • #110 Canada Day - Fixed the pencil necks, added shading, added other small details and overhauled the backgrounds.
  • #133 Thanksgiving - Added some text to the first panel to make it clear the character just ate Thanksgiving, added shading.
  • #157 One of These Days... This - Changed the first panel to not show the ground looking completely normal. It's still mediocre, but maybe it's at least a little less confusing/nonsensical.
  • #165 Programmer's Math Problem - Changed some text to try and convey the lame joke a little better.
Upgrades to some old Cloudflash Mix comics. Better late than never?
  • #83 Table Manners - Completely redid the comic. The old one had a terrible background, awkwardly posed character, and a copy+paste panel. It wasn't even clear the character just took a bite out of their sandwich. For shame!

I intend to update some more old comics at some point in the future.

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