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Return of the Forum

by Danno on April 08, 2020

Well, I finally revived the forum. I figured I should upgrade it to the latest version of phpBB since it'd have to be redesigned to match the site, anyway. It took a while 'cause it was a bit of a hassle to save all the old user accounts and posts. Everything's been restored, so our old members can enjoy cringing out to their archived posts from 10 years ago. Meanwhile, new accounts will see a wasteland of a forum with practically zero posts on it! I forgot to make a backup of some files before the big move, so we lost all our old attachments and most of our avatars.

We don't have a chatbox at the moment, but I'll see if I can get one up and running again. Other than that, I guess the forum is open for business. I'll update the hideous default graphics as we go along.

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