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Cloudflash Mix statistics - basically a hitcounter for Cloudflash Mix.
Colors! gallery - pictures that I made on my Nintendo DS.
openCanvas gallery - pictures that I made in openCanvas.
Permission - a list of sites that have permission to display certain content of mine.
Credits - a page giving recognition to people who helped make Cloudflash what it is.
Submit - for if you want to submit a game, movie, comic, or downloadable item to Cloudflash.

Educational stuff

Japanese Quiz - Fruits and Vegetables
Japanese Quiz - Meat and Fish
Danny Poloskei's list of art tips
Danny Poloskei's pixel art history

Previews/incomplete work

Cloudflash ACE Character Designer
Supernatural Fighters 2: Ultimate Tournament (game)
Omega Meteo Inc. (Escape 2) (game)
Silbird (Chrono Trigger remix by Hyadain with my animation)
Sound Test 1 - a preview soundboard containing punches and slashes.
Sound Test 2 - a preview soundboard containing boxing bells.


Hyadain lyrics - English, romaji, and kanji lyrics for Hyadain's songs.
Ulfuls lyrics - English, romaji, and kanji lyrics for Ulfuls songs.
Fantastic Plastic Machine lyrics - FPM lyrics.
Bus Gamer - Nobody Knows My Name lyrics - lyrics for track 4 on the Bus Gamer OST.
Penpals - I'm A Sneaker lyrics - Penpals lyrics.
Pacific! - Disappear lyrics - Pacific! lyrics.

Extremely miscellaneous

My view on life in general